Your Guide to Area Rugs and Carpet for Your Mississauga Home


As elsewhere, carpets and area rugs are popular choices in Mississauga homes. But which is best for your house? Perhaps both? In this simple guide, we’ll look at the basics of each so you can make a smart choice.

A carpet is a floor covering placed all around the house. It is installed with adhesive by professional carpet installers. (In other words, forget doing it yourself.) Carpets come in different designs and textures and are sold in rolls. Once you choose a roll, we will cut it into the shape and dimensions you require.

An area rug is a fixed-size rug that is smaller than a carpet and used only to cover a portion of the floor. It is usually handmade and can be customized to your desired design, colour, and texture.

While carpets are good floor coverings for your Mississauga home, area rugs also have charm. But which should you choose? This guide will help you discover the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Installing Carpet in Your Mississauga Home

Installing Carpet in Your Mississauga

Carpets are useful in many ways. Here are their advantages:

  1. Cost-Effective: Carpets are bought in rolls for the entire house instead of single pieces for each room. Therefore, they are sold in bulk, which makes them cheaper than some area rugs.
  2. Availability: Carpets are commonly used and are widely available in almost all flooring or floor coverings stores. Indeed, you will find a large selection of carpet rolls in most flooring stores, including Super Choice.
  3. Versatility: Carpets in Mississauga come in different styles, designs, and textures, such as frieze (a type made of tightly woven yarns), plush, textured, and padded. They are also made of different materials, such as wool, nylon, and polypropylene.
  4. Multiple Uses: Since carpets can be cut according to shape and size, they can be used in many ways. They can be fixed to floors, walls, and stairs. Additionally, you can cut them according to the size of a specific area (like the fireplace) and use them as an area rug.
  5. Warmth and Protection: Unlike area rugs, which cover only a portion of the floor, carpets cover your entire floor and will keep it warm during winter. They also protect against falls and slips.
  6. Passive Filter for Dust: Carpets trap pollen, dust, and other particles which make the air impure. This keeps the air clean and is beneficial for people with allergies and asthma. Note: they must, of course, be vacuumed regularly.
  7. Beauty and Style: Carpets can be beautifully patterned and colourful. They can be frizzy or woolly, with different designs on them. Thus, they help to improve the overall aesthetics of your interior decor.

However, carpets do have some pitfalls to consider prior to buying:

  1. Less Durable than Area Rugs: Carpets typically last for over seven years with proper maintenance but may need replacement afterwards.
  2. Cannot Be Removed or Repaired: It is possible to patch torn carpets, but the patchwork is sometimes visible. Since carpets are fixed in place with adhesive, it is difficult to remove and repair them completely.
  3. Difficult to Clean: You can and should vacuum your carpets daily. However, they cannot be washed and deep cleaned in their entirety, although individual spots can be of course

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Area Rugs for Your Mississauga Home

Here are some benefits of owning area rugs:

  1. Durable: Area rugs can last a lifetime with the right maintenance. Once bought, you don’t need to change it for decades. They can also be easily repaired. Indeed, area rugs are often passed down as family heirlooms.
  2. Movable: Unlike carpets, which are permanently fixed in one place, area rugs can be moved from room to room. You can replace one area rug with another based on your preferences and interior decor.
  3. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Since they are not fixed in place, area rugs are easier to clean. You can vacuum them if you want to remove dust; you can also machine wash them or clean them hand to deep clean and remove stains.
  4. Unique Patterns: Since most area rugs are woven and knotted by hand, they have unique designs and patterns. Some examples include floral, geometric, and Ballard-designed area rugs.
  5. High Resale Value: Area rugs are unique and last a long time. Therefore, their resale value is much higher than that of carpets. Depending on their age, design, type of weave, and material, you can get good prices if you want to sell your area rug.
  6. Enhances Interior Decor: Area rugs look more luxurious than carpets. Since they do not cover the entire floor, you can use different rugs for each area of your house. Therefore, your home’s floor will not be monotonous. Area rugs will, indeed, add colour and elegance to your flooring.
  7. Hypoallergenic: Like carpets, area rugs trap allergy- and asthma-causing irritants like dust particles. Thus, you can place an area rug in your Mississauga home’s living room or bedroom to reduce allergic and asthmatic reactions. Just be sure to beat or clean it regularly.

Here are the very few cons of buying an area rug:

  1. Expensive: Area rugs are mostly made by hand and have unique patterns so are not mass-produced. This is why some area rugs can be expensive.
  2. Customized Rugs Take Time: If you want to customize a particular type of area rug, it will take more time than buying pre-made carpet.
  3. Covers Only a Portion of the Floor: Unlike carpets which cover the whole floor, area rugs are meant for only portions of it. They will, thus, provide warmth and comfort to only parts of the room.

Both area rugs and carpets are good floor coverings for your Mississauga home. While one covers the entire floor and comes in rolls, the other covers portions of it and comes in single pieces. However, they are similar in their hypoallergenic and insulation properties. They are also equally comfortable and elegant and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you’re in the market for area rugs or carpets, check out the selection at Super Choice Carpet &Hardwood.

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