What You Need to Know about Oak Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is popular because of its incredible strength and natural elegance.

Amongst the many natural wood varieties to choose from, oak is the most versatile. It has a wide array of styles and distinct patters to choose from. Even common species can still dazzle the eyes of your visitors.

oak hardwood flooring

With that said however, here are several things about oak hardwood flooring to know before you begin installation.

Facts about Oak Flooring

1. Densely grained oak, rules the flooring market with its great strength and broad range of very light to dark shades. White oak planks for example, can be stained almost any colour or shade.

2. For a small room, your contractor will probably suggest that you install long narrow planks. Doing so will make a small space appear bigger. If you want a different look, you can instead choose to go with wide oak planks.

3. A common worry is that hardwood flooring will suffer from gapping. For this reason, oak is cut using the live sawing method which reduces the chances of expanding and splitting due to moisture.

4. Nail down, or click and lock, are the most common installation methods for oak hardwood flooring.

Problems with Oak Flooring

1. Squeaks and creaking are common in oak flooring, and can be annoying to some people.

2. Fluctuations in moisture content or presence of gap between subfloor and the visible hardwood floor may also lead to unsettled installation. This could eventually lead to splits if not fixed soon enough.

3. At times, even the fasteners can get opened due to the uneven placing of hardwood planks. It’s better to utilize distressed planks. They will not only add a rustic look to the room, but also blend in blemishes.

Tips on Maintaining Hardwood Oak Flooring

Regular Cleaning: Use a soft-bristled broom to sweep the floor. Vacuum cleaners work best for cleaning smaller debris from oak flooring.
Occasional Deep Cleaning: Use a mild floor cleaner occasionally. Just be sure it doesn’t contain corrosive ingredients.
Spot Removal: Diluted vinegar solution is useful for stain removal.

Oak hardwood flooring adds strength and a rustic beauty to your rooms. Fawn, seashell, cherry or saddle; you get the brilliance of natural oak flooring in a wide range of hues. Each one has its own charm. It’s up to you to pick one that is compatible with the dominant colors used to decorate your room.

To match or to contrast, is a big question. And only you can answer that. Good luck!

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