What is Distinct about Each Type of Carpets


Carpet is an affordable form of textile flooring. You may wonder how a carpet can compete with floor treatment. Breaking all constraints, you can install a gorgeous carpet all over the floor, wall to wall, like any other flooring option. Compared to the flooring alternatives, carpet is absolutely light on your pockets. Although, depending on the quality and inbuilt strength, cost of carpets vary massively.

Utilizing a Carpet

The type of floor underneath is never a concern. You can top it on concrete, wood, composite, marble or stone flooring. The alluring texture and vast array of different colors can entirely alter the appearance of your room. Not every carpet contains continuous singular designing. Floral, multicolored, geometric and shaded patterns, the carpets can be availed. You can opt to place an underlay to prevent water from reaching the expensive carpet. But padding is a better solution as it will prevent moisture from the sub floor from coming in direct contact with the carpet. Also it holds the carpet flawlessly.

Different Types of Carpet

Frieze: Normally, each strand in a frieze carpet consists of tufting between two plies, where there are approximately 5 twists every inch. In a frieze carpet of better standard, the number of twists may reach to 9, rewarding the carpet covering with utmost durability. Besides synthetic substances, wool is also used. Both wool and nylon frieze carpets are high-priced, but those made from polyethylene terephthalate are comparatively low-priced. The fibres are loose and shaggy. Being composed of top-grade materials, they can endure high-traffic and hide grits, spots and dents.


Plush: Plush carpet is fundamentally obtained from man-made artificial components like nylon, polyester and polypropylene. The texture and brilliance of plush carpets are incomparable. But being denser in nature, it is difficult to clean plush carpets and remove stains from the highly twisted strands. The lustre and softness are attractive but the marks of footprints can be spotted easily.


Texture: Framed from similar synthetic constituents of plush carpets, textured carpets are just the improved ones. Thick in nature, texture carpets are resistant to mud, spills and dents. Although it will cost a lot less than frieze carpets, derived from all imitated products and chemicals, it may cause allergies to people with sensitivities.


A pad is laid just below, so that it can help the carpet endure strain. Foam padding in between floors and carpets help to absorb sound for peaceful living. Depending on the manufacturing process and the constituents the price of this padding will likely differ.

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