Vinyl Flooring is Versatile Flooring – 3 Reasons


Use of vinyl is a modernized procedure of floor treatment. The material is obtainable in multiple forms to provide versatility to random floors. Irrespective of composition, each type of vinyl flooring is durable to heavy-foot traffic. This makes it usable not only within protective walls of general homes, but also in offices, hotels, restaurants, game zones and spas.

Don’t let the flexible nature of this type of flooring induce in you the thoughts of a whopping expenditure. Unlike home bases made of natural wood and marbles, vinyl floors are less expensive and require low maintenance. Existing vinyl flooring is the favorable solution to your dilemma of trying something new for your home interior.

Vinyl Flooring

Accessibility of Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl is processed to obtain three different kinds of flooring materials

  • Sheets: As the term itself suggests, a vinyl sheet is thin and long floor lining. The artistry and unique quotient lies in the patterns. A vinyl sheet impeccably grips the rugged and weathered texture of wood and stone.
  • Planks: Unlike sheets, planks are thicker. A plank is rectangular in shape and dominantly imitates the raw appearance of wood.
  • Tiles: Just as it sounds, vinyl tiles are thick and square. Tiles are the best medium to wisely capture and resemble granulated slates and marbles.

Effortless Installation of Vinyl Flooring:   

  • This nature of flooring is done on concrete floor. Often, vinyl flooring materials are placed over already existing solid wooden or ceramic floors.
  • Before installation the concrete platform needs to be levelled flawlessly.
  • The sheets, tiles and planks are carefully placed with the help of adhesive.

Simple Maintenance:  

  • Vinyl flooring variants are conditioned during production to resist regular scratches. Still, when you need to move heavy objects it is better to place wooden stripes or cardboards on the vinyl base. You can also use roller or wheeled stands.
  • It is advisable to sweep vinyl floors on a regular basis to prevent deposit of dust and dirt. If you prefer to use floor cleanser, then is should be mild in nature like weak vinegar or shampoo.
  • To enhance the glaze of vinyl bases, use only good quality polish materials. Stains should be cleaned immediately. Gently scrub the floor with a stain remover.

Floor constitutes a significant part of your home. Indeed, you need to be picky before settling with one of your choice. Vinyl flooring will amaze you with its great diversity and low price. Truly, it is a very manageable and adaptive flooring type.

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