Uncommon yet Practical Measures to Treasure Laminate Floors


The incredible collection of laminate flooring embeds the artificial looks of Oak, Maple, Applewood, Pine and Pecan brilliantly in your homes. While you primarily pick it for being an affordable substitute for real hardwood, the diversified thickness and finishes makes it suitable for not only living room or dining room but also for kitchen, backyard and mudroom. This flooring material during manufacturing is bettered with human genius to remain resilient to moisture, stains and scratches.

Hence, remain unflustered from the time you install laminate flooring to the coming years of service. Laminate as the top-floor can be retained with minimum maintenance done regularly or occasionally as per your convenience.

laminate flooring

Basic Process:

• Working individuals with plodding lifestyle will find a vacuum cleaner as the life saver. Doubtful whether it is right to use vacuum on laminate flooring? The inbuilt strength of this artificial flooring works marvel with the hard floor tool, articulated to the long supporting pipe of a vacuum. Every home is bound to get affected by the entry of dirt and debris. The suction power of the machine will attract all the grit and protect the laminate floor from getting defiled.

• Ardent home makers prefer to take care of their homes with individual touch of expertise. They do not leave much on machines. Brooms can be compatibly utilized to sweep out dust and dirt from the unreachable corners, to protect laminate floors from susceptible chances of scraping.

• Sweeping is followed by mopping. While normal usage of water is enough, you can make use of special cleaners. But it is important to first confirm about the type of finish applied on the laminate floor to judge the suitability of the cleaner. Only appropriate laminate floor cleaner will bring the desired result.

Special Areas:

1. When any liquid accidentally gets spilled on the laminate floor, it is best to soak and wipe it with some cloth immediately.

2. You have to keep in mind, unlike hardwood or engineered the shine of laminate floors cannot be recreated with repairing and refinishing. To resolve stances of tough and stubborn stains you can use nail polish remover.

3. If buying the right floor cleaner is out of your budget for the time-being, make your own cleansing solution using mild organic stuff at home. But anything which is too strong can mar the elegance of laminate flooring.

4. Popular flooring treatment for high traffic areas, laminate floors are defenseless against random dents and scratches. Here, you require professional help to carefully pick out and fix the challenged area.

5. When you or a kid in the house unintentionally drops a chewing gum on the floor, the trick to clear the laminate floor is with ice. Once the spot is set with low temperature you can easily rub the chewing gum away.

Apart from measures applied directly on the floor, there are other ways of guarding laminate floors. Intense UV-rays are highly responsible for fading the top-floors. Installing solar window films and curtains will avert the direct influence of sun. You can also pad the base of furniture, so that you can move or adjust them without affecting their elegance.

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