Tile vs. Hardwood: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen Floor?


Hardwood and tile are evergreen kitchen flooring options with many benefits. When looking to design or upgrade your cooking area, the flooring should reflect your style and be durable enough to resist heavy foot traffic and spills. It should also require minimal maintenance so you don’t spend a lot of time cleaning up after cooking.


We understand that the wide variety of tile and wood flooring styles, patterns and colours available can make it difficult to choose the perfect one for your space. So, how do you do it? 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of both tile and hardwood flooring so you can select the one most suitable for your kitchen. 

Tile vs. Hardwood: Why Consider Tile Flooring for Your Kitchen?


Tile offers many benefits for kitchen floors. We’ve highlighted some of them here.

  1. It’s Water Resistant

Tile flooring generally comes with a glazed finish that prevents water or moisture from penetrating the surface. This helps prevent stains even after many years. 

When choosing unglazed kitchen flooring tiles, it’s advisable to seal them to protect the surface from liquids. Additionally, you can have the grouting lines sealed to keep mould and mildew from accumulating. 

  1. It’s Easy to Clean

Tile doesn’t need to be cleaned as regularly as rugs or carpets since it doesn’t collect as much dirt or debris. It also doesn’t require intense cleaning, making it a less time-consuming option. Sweeping and spot cleaning once a week helps make it look as good as new. 

Are you a neat freak worried about your grout lines getting dirty due to high foot traffic? A small brush with a grout cleaner will prevent discolouration and ensure they stay clean. When dealing with commercially available cleaners, be sure to wear a mask and gloves to prevent chemicals from damaging your skin. 

  1. It Reduces the Need for AC

Tiles are generally much cooler than carpets and engineered flooring. This makes them ideal for areas that get warm, like kitchens. Tile flooring can thus keep your kitchen comfortable temperature-wise with the addition of a ceiling fan; air conditioning might be required otherwise. 

Tile vs. Hardwood: Benefits of Hardwood Flooring for Kitchens


The beauty of hardwood floors allows them to fit in with any interior design. Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose hardwood for your kitchen. 

  1. It’s Durable

Wooden floors, especially hardwood ones, have a deserved reputation for durability. They can be sanded and finished multiple times, for instance, without losing their structural integrity. This means you don’t have to worry about scratches, scuff marks or general wear and tear, even when they’re installed in high-traffic areas like kitchens. And damages can be repaired as needed. 

When well looked after and properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last for generations, unlike other flooring materials. 

  1. It Improves Indoor Air Quality

Many flooring materials, including carpet, can trap pollutants like animal hair, dust and mites. This can be troublesome for asthmatics and allergy sufferers as contaminants are stirred up when we walk. Even embossed linoleum can trap grime and dirt. 

But, by following a basic floor maintenance routine of sweeping and mopping, kitchen hardwood flooring remains free from dust, dirt and grime. 

  1. It Adds to Your Property Value

Buyers pay more for homes with hardwood, while some steer clear of those with carpeting because of allergies. Installing hardwood in your kitchen, then, can make your house that much easier to sell. 

Installing new flooring or replacing existing flooring isn’t easy. Since new floors are a substantial long-term investment, it makes sense to be sure you’re choosing the right kind for your home. Both tile and hardwood have their benefits, so it comes down to your budget, preferences and needs. Use the information provided here to select the material that’s right for your space.

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