Things to Consider When Selecting Tiles for Your Kitchen


There are many different types of tiles available in a variety of colours, styles and textures. Selecting the right ones for your kitchen can be tough as a result. Your selection needs to take into account the appearance of the tiles and the place you want to use them for.

Tiles for Your Kitchen

Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind when choosing tiles for your kitchen.

Tile Type

For kitchens, having a non-slippery surface to walk on is a necessity. The tile flooring should also be durable, chemical-resistant and should have low porosity (holes on the floor that absorb liquids and odours). If the tiles have low porosity, cleaning becomes easier. Porcelain tiles are best for your kitchen as they meet these requirements. Natural stone tiles are a good alternative if you want to give an organic touch to your kitchen.


A kitchen is a busy place with a lot of foot traffic, so, choosing dark coloured tiles are the safest bet. This is because these tiles can easily hide the stains and dirt from food or drink spillage. If you choose light coloured tiles, maintaining them will be difficult. They are susceptible to dirt and start looking messy in no time.


The texture of the tiles used as the kitchen flooring is an important factor in the overall functionality of the space. Together with the colour, the texture sets the mood of the kitchen. Though decorative kitchen flooring tiles look can look impressive, they may not hold up to vigorous usage. Slippery tiles can also cause accidents. Instead, choose textured tiles or matte finish tiles as they also look great but have higher functionality.


A kitchen is a messy place and no matter how safely you cook, it will get dirty and stained with some spillage. Hence, choosing tiles that are easy to clean is necessary. You should always select low porosity tiles which don’t accumulate dirt and keep stains away. Natural stone tiles are good in this regard as they can be maintained by sweeping with a mild floor cleaner. But, this flooring option can get scratches and dents so make sure you keep a rug outside the kitchen to prevent the entry of tough dirt on the floor.

Grout Joint Size

Grout’s joint is the area between the tiles. The size of the grout has a direct impact on the appearance of the kitchen floor. A wider grout size accumulates dirt easily and is extremely difficult to clean. It’s better to stick to a narrower grout size when fixing tiles on your floor. Note that natural stone tiles require minimal grout space.


Vinyl and linoleum tiles are inexpensive compared to natural stone or ceramic tiles. Select one of these options if your budget is tight.

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