7 Stylish Wooden Staircases That’ll Blow Your Mind


Do you have plans to buy or remodel a detached two-storey house or duplex apartment? As these structures have two units on top of one another, the independent floors are connected by a flight of stairs. So, you should pay close attention when selecting one prior to constructing or refurbishing your dream home. Wooden staircases are especially durable and elegant, and come in several iterations. To help you decide on the type that’s best for you, our experts have outlined seven staircases that are sure to amaze and give your home a facelift.

7 Incredible Wooden Staircases

Here are a few staircases sure to beautify your living space. Consider the pros and cons of each before making a choice.

  1. Straight stairs 


Image Source – https://bit.ly/2DMqBLn

Common and affordable, straight stairs complement any décor style. They feature pre-cut risers that don’t require any additional support. Instead, they’re attached at both top and bottom. This makes the installation of railings or handrails easy. In fact, its clean lines are the reason why they’re compatible with both modern and contemporary décor. However, they occupy a lot of linear space that can tarnish the design of your home.

  1. L-shaped stairs


Image Source – https://bit.ly/2sHZfDL

They’re straight, with a turn either closer to one end or in the middle, depending on the intersections of the flight of stairs. Usually constructed in the corner, they are visually appealing and tend to break any visual monotony in the overall interior. Though difficult and costly to build, they’re unique and sure to create a style statement.

  1. U-shaped stairs


Image Source – https://bit.ly/385tMeS

U-shaped stairs are two parallel flights of straight stairs linked by a landing that creates a 180° turn in the direction of walking. This feature makes them more visually appealing than a straight staircase. Also, they take up less linear floor space. Similar to L-shaped stairs, they are built-in one corner. One drawback: their unique construction makes moving or shifting larger pieces of furniture difficult.

  1. Winder stairs


Image Alt Tag: winder-stairs

Image Source – https://bit.ly/2LiCBIA

Winder stairs are similar to L-shaped ones but without the landing. In this design, stairs are continuous, taking on a wedge shape as they make the turn. Winder stairs are more common in older homes than newer ones, so they may bring a certain antique touch to yours. Moreover, they don’t take up much area which makes them a good choice if your home lacks space.

  1. Spiral stairs


Image Source – https://bit.ly/2Rez5Ts

Do you like novelty? Then spiral stairs are the right choice for you. They consist of a central post that holds the radiating steps. Their distinctive character makes them appropriate for small or beach houses. Their only drawback is that they aren’t easy to navigate, as they are compact. Furthermore, you have to be careful taking them as the inner portion of each step is narrow. In addition, moving larger items is difficult.

  1. Circular stairs

Want to create a style statement in your home? Nothing beats circular stairs. They’re similar to spiral ones, but their curves are more graceful and less compact. The steps are also wider, giving the person using them more space. Hence, they require more area and money to build. However, circular stairs provide a great architectural focal point that can instantly increase your home’s visual appeal.

  1. Curved stairs


Image Source – https://bit.ly/34j38Ne

A curved – or ‘helical’ – staircase is generally seen near an entryway, leading you to the upper floor. It doesn’t form a circle like circular or spiral stairs but instead features a slight curve. The turn is gentle and elegant, making it a unique and stylish addition to any home. But constructing these stairs can be difficult which is why you should hire experts when building or purchasing them.

These seven wooden staircases work in any modern or traditional home. If you have space, circular stairs look great, whereas smaller homes require something more compact, like spiral ones. So, make your choice based on the availability of space in your home. But don’t forget to consult experts when doing so to prevent spending unnecessary money.

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