Spruce Up Your Living Room with These Trending Rugs


If you have some open floor space and want to add a wow factor to a room in your home, then try adding a new rug. Rugs can dramatically change the look of any living space. They come in different styles, colours, and sizes to fit into any existing space and design theme. A well-placed rug can complement the interior design of any living space, as well as being an extra layer of protection for your floors. By choosing the right rug, you’ll see benefits for years to come. From increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home to protecting the bare floor, rugs serve all purposes.

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If you’re interested in the latest trends in interior design to add a contemporary touch to your home, read below to find a trend that will suit your personal interior style:

• Tribal imprints

If you want to add a colourful contrast to your floor, then tribal imprinted rug might interest you. Contemporary, affordable and trendy, these rugs are a great addition to modernize any living space. The geometric patterns against solid backgrounds can complement any kind of interior and can match a lot of existing furniture. Therefore, choosing this type of rug can be a simple inclusion to your current interior design scheme but with the added bonus of revamping the appearance of your living space with little money and effort for a new trendy look.

• Moroccan style

Moroccan-inspired rugs are one of a kind. The colourful patterns add a unique style to any living space, you should opt for these rugs if you’re looking for a statement piece. These are intricately designed and complements traditional décor. But, for a more modern approach to your living space, you can select Beni Ourain, a particular type of rug that highlights monochromatic tribal patterns.

• Dual-tone

Minimalistic in design, these two-tone rugs are apt for a modern living space. They consist of two colours where small patterns are designed against a single-coloured background. If you have a living space filled with bright furniture, this addition can tone down the overall interior making a modern style statement.

• Layering

Layering is a great option if you cannot choose just one style to match your interior. Layering is when you match different rugs of similar or contrasting colours to decorate your floor. Layer your rugs against subtle walls and décor to give a striking and contemporary look to your living room.

• Artistic design

Have you seen a canvas with splashes of colours? These rugs look similar to such a portrait and it will look fantastic in your living space. They are abstract and colourful, to brighten up any room. These rugs will steal attention and become the focal point of your design scheme. With toned down interiors, these rugs can be the perfect addition.

• Shibori style

These are Asian-inspired rugs that consist of repetitive geometric patterns with minimum change throughout the whole design. Versatile in its look, these rugs add a modern touch to your living room while being one of the top trends of 2018.

• White Rugs

Simple, classy and modern, white rug can bring a feeling of calmness to your space. A plain, white textured rug can match any room without pulling focus from your furniture or wall designs. Though the colour white is difficult to maintain, it’s definitely worth a try as nothing else can match the impact minimalistic trend that is taking over the design world.

With so many interesting and unique trends in 2018, there’s a lot of different options when it comes to interior design. The above-listed rugs are a great starting point. If you want to know more about rugs and carpets in Mississauga, you can get in touch with us and check out our collection.

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