How to Puppy-Proof Your Hardwood Flooring


How to Puppy-Proof Your Hardwood Flooring

Dogs can be hard on your hardwood flooring, ruining the beautiful finish you have invested in. But it is not impossible for your dog or puppy and hardwood floor to coexist if you take the necessary precautions. These measures will not only protect the floor from your pet’s play but also protect them from any potential accidents.

This post outlines a few suggestions which will help you maintain an envy-worthy hardwood flooring while giving your puppy free rein around the house.

• Choose the hardest available wood

Accept the universal truth that any kind of hardwood will get scratches and dents over the years. What you can do is ensure these damages are reduced to the bare minimum and set a realistic goal. The harder the wood planks, the more durable it will be. If you are set on hardwood flooring, look for wood species like Brazilian walnut, Brazilian cherry, teak, and hickory which have the highest Janka ratings.

• Opt for factory finished wood

Factory finished floorboards are sealed and processed with several coatings which are extremely tough like an aluminium oxide-urethane finish. This cannot be done on preinstalled flooring, no matter how many layers of coating you apply. Such factory finished floorboards are tougher than their raw and natural counterpart, making them more suitable for homeowners who have puppies roaming around the house. This is also beneficial for your puppy as it may feel uneasy from wood dust and chemical fumes when the flooring is installed and finished at home.

• Trim your puppy’s nails

Precautions like trimming your puppy’s nails from time to time ensure that they are blunt enough and won’t scratch the floor. Their nails are the most common reason leading to dents and scratches on the floor. When you hear their nails touching the floor, it is an indication that a trim is overdue. Vinyl nail caps can also solve this problem and you can find them from any pet store. Dog booties are also a viable option for calmer and smaller breeds of dogs.

• Distressed and hand scraped finish

Hand scraped hardwood is more comfortable for dogs to walk on as they will not slip and slide around as much. Since the basic style of such flooring is rough, it can easily hide scratches and dents. Hardwood flooring with knots and more character too can hide such marks better than smoother and more uniform textures.

• Prevent water damages

If your puppy is not well house-trained, peeing here and there can wreak havoc on your hardwood floor. Such spills can lead to accidents for them as well as the other family members. Try to train your puppy as soon as you can. Mop spills and urine off the floor immediately and ensures they do not walk into the house with muddy paws. Place a mat beneath their water bowl to soak up spills. These are certain preventives against water damage.

A quality hardwood flooring will be comfortable for your dog or puppy to walk on with minimum accidents and will withstand their playful skids throughout the house. The above-mentioned tips are some ideas that you can employ to puppy-proof the floor. If you are looking for best dog-friendly hardwood flooring in Mississauga, Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood can be your one-stop destination.

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