How to Protect Wood Floors When You Have Kids and Pets?


Protect Wood Floors

Wood floorings such as hardwood are unrivalled in their capacity to lend elegance, value and beauty to your home. They can make your home look beautiful, but are also susceptible to damages caused by your pets and/or children. Following these 4 steps will help keep your wooden floor looking its best for a long time.

  • Daily Cleaning

Your pets and children will most likely drag all kinds of debris such as sand, dirt and tiny pebbles into the house. These could get stuck to the bottom of their shoes and find their way into your home. The rubble can grind into your flooring and cause streaks, scratches or other kinds of damage. However, the floor can be protected by vacuuming and sweeping daily. This can help keep the dirt and dust particles off the floor.

  • Covering Furniture Bottoms

Your furniture bottoms can wreak havoc on wood floors installed in your house. For example, when your child pushes or pulls out a chair, he or she may unintentionally damage the floor and cause deep marks to appear. These, in turn, can demand time consuming and expensive repair.

Covering the bottom parts of sofas, chairs, tables or any other furniture with rubber tips can go a long way in protecting your floor. These rubber covers permit the furniture to be moved with ease without jeopardizing the integrity and beauty of the floor.

  • Re-finishing

Any flooring company will suggest re-finishing your hardwood floor once every two or three years. Applying a new finish strengthens the surface of the wood floor. It also protects its appearance and longevity. This also guarantees you get the best ROI for this upscale flooring option. Refinishing also helps hide marks on the surface which may be caused by your pet’s nails or dirt trapped under your child’s shoes. Some marks may be deeper than others and might require sanding as well.

  • Preventing Residue Build-up

In your enthusiasm to clean and protect your floor, you might accidentally use too much product.  Using too much of it can compromise the floor’s integrity. It can be the main cause of residue build-up, which can result in the surface of the floor to become supple and vulnerable to scrapes, gashes and scratches.

A gentle stripping agent may be used to remove the build-up before a fresh coat of finish is applied. Also, polish should be used in minimal amounts while waxing once a week and mopping daily. This will also help in keeping the floor free of dirt and dust particles. You can never be too sure of where your child or pet has been. So it’s always better to be prepared for every outcome.

Your hardwood floors will certainly be the centre of attention in your house. You can protect them, and keep them strong as well as beautiful by knowing how to protect them against any kind of damage. These tips can come in handy in prolonging the durability and elegance of your hardwood floors.

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