Pros & Cons of Bathroom Laminate Flooring in Mississauga


Does your bathroom need a new floor? Because it is used frequently every day, it’s important to carefully consider the material you choose. Laminate flooring is simple to install and cost-effective.

The bathroom laminate flooring in our Mississauga store will stand the test of time while creating an inviting and relaxing space in which you love spending time. And its clean lines and attractive natural stone or wood patterns go well with any interior decor.

However, when it comes to using laminate flooring in bathrooms, you may have questions. Like how long can you expect it to last? And will it stand up to changing humidity and moisture levels?

You will find the answers to these questions and more here. Let’s examine the pros and cons of laminate flooring in bathrooms so you can make an informed choice.

Laminate Flooring: Pros & Cons of Using It in Your Mississauga Bathroom

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of installing laminate flooring in your Mississauga bathroom.


1. It’s Durable

Laminate flooring is designed to withstand wear and tear, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas like bathrooms. It comes with a wear layer that protects the ones underneath. This tough surface can resist stains, although they’re extremely easy to get rid of.

Compared to natural hardwood, laminate flooring is virtually impervious to scratches and dents. It can also resist water as long as the boards have been fitted together tightly to prevent moisture from penetrating.

2. It’s Affordable

As with any flooring material, what you pay for bathroom laminate flooring in our Mississauga store can vary. Not surprisingly, thicker laminate is stronger and more expensive, although it’s more cost-effective than other materials. Indeed, you can find laminate that mimics the natural colours and patterns of natural wood and stone at a fraction of the cost. This makes it suitable for homeowners on a budget.

3. It’s Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain

Bathroom laminate flooring is extremely easy to clean, and there are no special products that need to be used or instructions to be followed. For instance, it doesn’t require periodic sealing to maintain its lustre. If your bathroom accumulates dust and dirt, vacuum weekly. For deeper cleaning, use a damp mop, and your flooring will look as good as new for many years.

4. It’s Versatile

Laminate flooring offers a wide range of appearances to suit any decor. From rich cherry textures to the traditional look of oak hardwood, you’ll be able to find something perfect for your space. Whether you have a contemporary bathroom or one in a Victorian-styled home, there is something for every space.

5. It’s Suitable for Families

If you have children, you know how easy it is for things to get damaged. Fortunately, laminate flooring can stand up to virtually anything. This means you will have flooring that resists the stains, scratches and fading it will be subjected to over its lifetime.


1. It Cannot Be Refinished

Unlike natural materials like hardwood, which can be refinished multiple times to keep it fresh and new, the bathroom laminate flooring in our Mississauga store cannot be refinished. This is because it has a fibreboard core with only a thin top layer of wood. Once this layer becomes worn, the plank must be replaced.

2. It Can Be Slippery

Bathroom laminate flooring typically comes with a glossy layer of protective coating. This can be slippery, although the main reasons are improper cleaning, sunlight and furniture damage. Slipping can be reduced by using anti-slip sprays, using curtains to prevent sunlight from falling on your bathroom floor, and sweeping and vacuuming properly.

The bathroom laminate flooring for sale in our Mississauga location has many advantages and some disadvantages. That said, if you’re looking for cost-effective flooring that lasts and is easy to maintain, laminate is your best choice. Just carefully weigh the pros and cons outlined here to ensure you make an informed investment.

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