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The loft of a bungalow is underused in many households. If you are living in a bungalow and want to create some extra leg space, loft conversion is just the right project for you. Adding a staircase is a viable option for most bungalow style homes and many homeowners look for ways in which they can get maximum utility from their house. An extra bedroom or a children’s playroom in the loft that is connected to the ground floor with a picturesque designer staircase adds a different dimension to the interior.

designer staircase

In this post, the experts of Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood have outlined the technical and creative sides of such projects to give customers a better understanding on such home modifications.

What is the design process?

Getting a generic staircase design will not add much to the beauty and balance of the bungalow architecture. It is essential that you get a design that is more off-beat. Besides the aesthetics, fire safety extension and the feasibility of the design has to be considered. The design has to be approved by the building control officers to ensure it follows the building parameters of your locality. The project can be started once the design has been approved.

How can the loft be utilized?

Adding a stairway has a practical purpose and not just an architectural ornamentation. You may have sufficient rooms and leg space in the house but wish to make the most of the entire available space. Converting the loft into a room or rooms, depending on the area available is a wise utility of the house. A guest room, home office, extra bathroom, cinema room- the possibilities are many. If you have a breathtaking view, creating a sitting area or a reading room in the loft will allow you some me-time while enjoying the view.

Pro tips 1: If the staircase design is unique and impactful, you will want it in a room where it is visible to all as a focal architectural masterpiece of the house, like in the living room.

Where should the staircase be?

Bungalows are not generally designed to accommodate a staircase and hence you must plan where the staircase should be placed to allow for maximum access. A well-designed staircase will be easy to manoeuvre, complement the room where it goes in and will not create obstructions. It must be easily accessible from the front door. If you have pets, children and elderly people living in the bungalow, choose a design that is safe to manoeuvre for them.

Here are some staircase design inspirations that will fit in a bungalow and enrich its architecture, creating a Pinterest-worthy interior while optimizing its practical use.

Does it impact the interior or the property?

The staircase is a major architectural addition to the house and it is bound to take up some space. The placement of the staircase should be carefully determined so that you have sufficient headspace that is not affected by the slope of the bungalow. But on the positive side, you can choose a staircase design that allows storage space as well as maximum utility.

The staircase is a major architectural addition to the house

You can consider the following styles to get some inspiration for designing customized staircase in a dormer bungalow.

Have some ideas in mind already? You can implement them by getting a custom-made stairway for your bungalow from any builder offering the service, like us!

Is the loft suitable for modification?

Considering whether the loft design and area allows a practical conversion is of utmost importance for the successful installation of the staircase. A loft with 2.2 meters height or more can be converted. However, obstacles like a water tank, chimneys and the highest point of the roof must all be considered as they will affect the utility of the space. Also, how far a staircase opening can be accommodated is another concern you must address. This can be best advised by your builder and designers according to the design of the bungalow.

Pro tip 2: Choose materials which complement the overall interior colour scheme so that the staircase does not clash against your wallpaper, paint or with the furniture in the house.

What materials should be used?

The choice of built material for the staircase primarily depends on the customer, but in the case of staircase installation in a bungalow, there are several considerations that you must keep in mind. Do take note that the new structure does not obstruct the light and air flow that you presently enjoy in your home. A glass and wood staircase design is a good choice when you want to minimize light obstruction due to the structure. Thinner spindles and open risers also allow similar benefits due to their design and also look very appealing in most properties unless it is a period-specific structure.

Here are some staircase designs compiled in our blog, which can be of help to give you new ideas.

Can I stay home during the construction?

Any kind of building modification and installation will produce a significant amount of debris and chaos and installing stairways is no exception. In the case of adding a staircase, you may be able to utilize the rooms that are entirely isolated from the construction area. As a precaution from your side, you should remove expensive showpieces and other accessories and furniture from the area of construction to avoid any damage to them. Living in the property during the construction work is feasible, provided you have the provision to live in the other rooms without being disturbed by the chaos going on.

Stairway installation is a great way to add more value to your property. Also, it imparts a breathtaking appeal to a bungalow-style home where picture-perfect staircases are usually a rare sight. To make the most of the installation, being aware of the technicalities, utilitarian value, and the creative nuances are important. The above mentioned are some questions that we have been asked time and again. We have tried to answer them in as much detail as possible through a blog post.

If you have further queries and wish to undertake a staircase installation soon, you can always visit Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood during the working hours and our experts will be there to guide you with their knowledge and advises.

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