Preserve Your Hardwood Floors with Simple Maintenance Tricks


Hardwood as the name suggests is a direct advent of nature into the residential and commercial places. You will fall in love with its genuine shades and sturdy build-up. Absolutely unaltered hardwood floors can be put to use for long tenure. The solid wood flooring is meant to support. Being breathable, hardwood is vulnerable to change in atmospheric moisture. The wooden planks or strips will expand and contract with moisture imbalance and result in gapping.

floor care and maintenance

When you are defenceless against environmental changes, wonder if there is anything at all to safeguard your treasurable hardwood flooring?

Definitely, if nature limits you then you can yourself make use of many convenient measures to check additional dampening and blurring.

1. Get rid of solid remains: Before you dive-in to save your solid wood floor, it is a must to make it free of any kind of dirt and dust particles. Remaining unnoticeable, they rub and scrape away the polish and texture of wood. Thus, vacuum your floor first, it will help you get rid of debris and continue scratch-free with the next step.

2. Do simple moping: Once done with the sweeping, mop your floor with water and small amount of cleansing solution. There are tons of cleaning agents and stain removers available in the market specifically meant for solid wood floors. But mopping doesn’t mean you will empty your water bucket. For proper hardwood floor care and maintenance, it is important not to allow seepage of water.

3. Select the right product: Use of inappropriate strong floor solution or hard scrubber will ultimately mar the glaze. Know the exact type of solid wood installed in your floor. Verify which cleaner suits the wood and the coat of polish applied on it. Sponge, on the other hand, will help you to squeeze away the excess water and give your floor a moist touch.

4. Apply the supplementary: In the zeal to maintain your hardwood planks or strips don’t flood them with cleaning solution and water; this will be too much for them to handle. If possible, end your floor cleaning task with dry moping using soft cloth. Also, guiding the brush in the direction of wood grain will yield you preferable results.

Proper maintenance and care of hardwood flooring will make them stand robust for many years. Although linked indirectly, yet prevent dragging furniture and walking with pointy heels directly on the surface. Try placing some protective layer before moving furniture. You can definitely keep your shoes outside the room to defend your much-pampered hardwood.

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