Should You Opt for Carpet Flooring in Your Bedroom?



Carpet is a popular choice for bedrooms as it comes in many styles, textures, designs and materials to choose from. It enhances the look of a room and beautifully complements the furniture and window treatments. However, carpet flooring isn’t the only flooring option. Like other types of flooring, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. The weight of these points will depend on your lifestyle, which is why you should read through this article and decide if carpet flooring is right for your bedroom.

Advantages of Carpeting

1. It’s Soft and Warm Under Feet

Carpet is soft. It’s available in natural fibres like wool and cotton; and in synthetic fibres like nylon, olefin, polyester and acrylic. Carpet is also warmer than hardwood floors. It feels great beneath bare feet, especially on cold winter mornings. It also helps to insulate the room during both summer and winter.

2. It’s Stylish and Comfortable

Available in different shades of colour and patterns, carpet can add style and class to your bedroom. If you’re completely remodeling your room, then the carpet flooring can also inspire your furniture and other accessory selections. Depending on the colours and designs, carpet can provide your bedroom a formal or casual look.

The underlayment of your carpet flooring ensures that you have a more luxurious and cozier cushioning underneath. It makes carpet the most comfortable flooring material to stand on, making it ideal for a bedroom.

3. It’s Effective in Sound-Dampening

Carpeting insulates sound as well. As the surface of the floor is padded, it absorbs sound and prevents sound transmission and echos. This makes it a good choice for bedrooms as it can keep sounds of TV, conversations and other noises isolated.

4. It’s Safer

Unlike wood, carpet isn’t slippery. If there are spills, carpets soak in the liquid so there’s also no chance of slipping on spilled liquids. If you ever fall on carpet accidentally, serious injuries are unlikely to occur because of soft cushioning. All this makes carpeting a safer option than hardwood and other floors, especially for children and the elderly.

5. It’s Affordable

Carpet flooring is less expensive than laminate and hardwood flooring. Although you need to replace them every three to five years, you can extend the life of your carpet floor with proper care and maintenance.

Disadvantages of Carpeting

1. It’s Vulnerable to Moisture and Stain

Denser weaves are more prone to moisture absorption and staining. It can easily absorb water and other liquids causing stains that are hard to remove. Although some carpets come with stain protection, others can get dirty easily, often permanently.

2. It’s Difficult to Maintain

Carpet usually needs high levels of maintenance. Cleaning your carpet is easy if you have the right vacuum cleaner and cleaning materials, but keeping it maintained like new is difficult. You need to clean spills immediately to prevent staining. You also need to treat food spills and liquid spills differently. So, you have to do a lot of vacuuming, stain removal and deep cleaning.

If you share your bedroom with pets and they urinate or defecate on the carpet flooring, the smell can be hard to get rid of. Even the chemical protectants of your carpet’s stain guard won’t guard against this and you’ll need to replace the carpeting.

3. It’s a Source of Allergies

The carpet fibres catch and hold dust particles, dirt and debris and nurture dust mites if you don’t clean it regularly. It can also harbor mold and mildew if it’s damaged by water and flooding. If you have pets, then dander, bugs and fleas may find their way deep down the fibres as well. Dirty carpets can cause allergic symptoms and respiratory problems.

The bedroom isn’t a space that’s as well used as a living room, but you still spend a good amount of time in it to rest and sleep. So, when choosing a flooring type, you must consider some important factors such as the location of the room in the house and who uses the room. If you or your family members who’ll be using the room are prone to allergies, then you must think about other flooring options.

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