Maintaining Shag Area Rugs


Shag rugs are always in vogue and are quite a popular choice with home owners. Placing one of these area rugs in your home gives it a new and refreshed look instantly. Shag rugs have intensive piles of fiber which could be wool, nylon, polyester, silk or acrylic. These lush rugs have deep overlapping piles that tend to accumulate more dust, dirt and grime especially if they are placed in a high traffic area. Walking on the rug grinds in the dirt on the fibers, making it look shabby and old. However, it is quite possible to maintain a shag rug at home with a few simple steps that shall help retain its original look.

Get rid of dirt: The first step in cleaning a shag rug is getting rid of the dust. You can do this by hanging the rug over a railing, clothesline, chair, etc. and beat hard enough with a stick or rod to remove all the trapped dirt in the fibers. Turn the rug to repeat the same for the lower surface.

Exposure to sunlight: After you have loosened and removed the dirt from the rug, leave it out where it is exposed to bright sunlight for a few hours. Strong harsh rays of the sun help to get rid of dust mites and bacteria that might have settled deep inside the fibers.

Vacuuming: This is the next step that you need to take to keep shag rugs clean. This can be done on a weekly or fortnightly using a canister vacuum cleaner. Using the ones with rollers or beater bars can damage the structure of the rugs. You may to vacuum several times on the same area if you have pets and children at home.

Washing: Shag rugs can be washed or shampooed three to four times in a year. Rugs that are small or medium in size can be washed in washing machines in cold water while the larger ones need to be shampooed. You can also steam clean and if you don’t have this cleaner you can hire one from local stores. You can also opt for dry shampooing with the help of carpet shampoo granules occasionally.

Cleaning spills: If there is a spill on your shag rug, you ought to clean it immediately. First you need to soak up the liquid with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Repeat the process till you have soaked up most of the liquid. Allow it to dry completely before you start using it again.

Cleaning surface beneath the rug: Whenever you remove a shag rug for cleaning purposes, make sure that you clean the floor where it was placed. You can use a rag or bristled broom to remove all the dust that accumulates beneath before you put back the cleaned rug.

With these techniques you can be assured of taking good care of your shag rug that shall continue looking as good as new!

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