2 Carpet-Cleaning Tips Work Like Magic


Carpeting adds to the décor and colours of a home, framing your furniture to make them the centre of attention. It also has energy saving properties and acts as an insulator for the indoor environment due to the fibre it is made of. Since a carpet is usually placed in living rooms which see the most movement throughout the day, they tend to get dirty sooner. Not many people are aware of how to clean hard spots and stains on the carpet by themselves. This blog post discusses different ways to clean carpets like magic.

Magic Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Some Magical Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Not everyone has accessibility to a hefty cleaning machine. In such scenarios, regular home cleaning can be done using these readily available ingredients and tools.

  • Spot Cleaning Using Home Ingredients
    • Method 1: First, sprinkle some baking soda and table salt on the surface you want to clean. Then, take a spray bottle and make a mixture of water and mild detergent. Make sure you do not shake the bottle to achieve immediate foaming. Spray this mixture over the stained part on top of the soda and salt blend and leave it to sit for some time. A stiff bristled rubber scrubbing brush can then be used to brush it in one direction. To dry it off, press towels in the wet areas to absorb all the moisture.
    • Method 2: A tablespoon of dish soap and one-fourth teaspoon of white vinegar stirred to one-quarter of warm water can be the best cleaner for 6 to 8 inches stain. After you prepare the mixture, you must test it on a small and discreet region before applying it on the spot to be cleaned. Another very easy yet interesting option which is always available in households to use as a cleaner is club soda. The method of cleaning with both the concoctions is simple. Apply a small amount on top of the stain and use a cloth or paper tower to blot the surface. Ensure that you rub or dab the carpet as opposed to harsh scrubbing because it can ruin the carpet fibre. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to the homemade cleansers that you make can take away all the odours from your carpets.
  • Winter Cleaning with Snow: It might come be a shock to a lot of people, but snow is a wonderful cleanser during the winter season. Ammonia present in snow reacts with the cold air and solidifies the dirt making it easier to remove. Working best for smaller versions like rugs, for this process, first, pick up your carpet and take it outside in the garden. Shake as much dirt possible and keep it there for some time to adjust to the outdoor temperature. Now take some snow and pile it over the complete carpet evenly using a broom. Beat both sides of the now snowy carpet using the broom’s flat side. Finally, remove excess snow and keep the carpet hanging for a while to let the snow evaporate without leaving the carpet wet.

These are a few different ways to clean your carpeting and make them odour free. If the carpet is gone beyond home remedy repair then professionals who perform carpet repairs, it might be time to contact your local Mississauga carpet experts.

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