A List of Carpets to Consider for Your Home


A carpet, also known as an area rug is widely used as one of the preferred ways of covering the floors of homes and commercial places. The soft material of a carpet is one of the striking features of this type of floor covering. If you’re looking to invest in a carpet but are unsure of the different types available then this blog post is for you.

different types of carpets

In this blog-post, we are listing the different types of carpets.

• Tufted carpet

This type of carpet is machine-made and is widely available at a decent price. A tufting machine makes this piece by inserting tufts of yarns through fabric backing. It is either made in a single colour or no colour at all. If a non-coloured yarn is used, the carpet is dyed and printed. Tufted carpet looks great in bedrooms.

• Woven carpet

Produced on a loom, woven carpets look similar to a woven cloth. Intricate designs and patterns can be created with different coloured yarns. They can be made of organic fibres like wool, coir, coconut wood sisal and jute which makes them durable and of superior quality. As it takes a lot of time to manufacture carpets, they can be expensive.

• Hooked carpet

Hooked carpets are a hand-made making them expensive because of the labour required. It’s made by pulling strings of cloth like cotton or wool through the interlocks of durable fabric. It’s generally grand in appearance and acts as a great addition to the living space of a home.

• Flatweave carpet

This is an uncommon type of carpet and is found in places like Japan and North America. It is produced by interlocking warps and weft threads. Flatweave carpets are available in various types such as tapestry weave and plain weave.

• Needle felt carpet

Known for its durability, needle felt carpets are the most advanced form of carpet in terms of technology. They are manufactured through electrostatic attraction of individual fibres which unites to form an exclusive carpet. As this is durable in nature, it can withstand high-traffic. Hence, this type of carpet is generally used by commercial places like hotels, restaurants, business areas, conference rooms and other high-traffic places.

Have you come to a conclusion after reading the above-listed carpet types? You can also check the variety of carpets available at Super Choice Carpet & Hardwood and make a decision. Choose the one that will suit your budget and complement the interior of your home.

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