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laminate flooring

Laminate floors are a popular choice amongst home owners in Mississauga for its countless benefits. Every kind of look and style of floors can be replicated in laminate floors be it hardwood, stone or ceramic. Laminate floors have some distinct benefits like they are extremely long lasting and durable. They are also easy to clean and are low maintenance.

Laminate flooring in Mississauga are installed by fusing four or five layers of laminate under pressure to create planks. The fiberboard core layer which has high thickness and the wear layer which is coated with solid aluminum oxide are the most important layers that impart durability to it. The top most coated layer protects the layer from stains, scratches and other wear and tear. The look of these floors can resemble hardwood, stone or ceramic giving it a very authentic look and feel. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider while you are choosing laminate flooring for your home that we discuss here to make it easy for home owners to go about the process.

  • Atmosphere of the Room

The humidity, moisture, heat, etc. of a room are important factors you need to consider while installing laminate flooring. Though extremely durable in nature, they are not good options for moisture laden areas like bathrooms, wash spaces, etc.

  • Type of Sub-floor

The type of sub-floor or the floor on which you plan to install laminate flooring in Mississauga, is another important consideration. This type of flooring can be installed perfectly well on all types of floors except on real wood or hardwood. If you are planning to install laminate on such a floor then you have to cover your sub floor aptly so that laminate can be fitted in well. Wood is affected by changes in temperature often contracting or expanding which may affect the laminate flooring. So it is wise to avoid such an arrangement.

  • Traffic Density

The laminate you choose for flooring also depends on how much traffic the floor will be subjected to. Certain areas of the home like the doorway or hallway will need more resistant laminate as these are heavy traffic areas.

  • Interior Design of Room

When you choose laminate flooring, pay close attention to the existing décor of the room. Choose a laminate with design that matches wall color, furniture, window coverings, upholstery, etc. You can also go for something that is neutral if you frequently change the interiors. The décor of the room is also important when you choose the coating for your laminate as it should have semblance with rest of the room. If the room is small or has heavy furniture, go for light colored laminates while if you have a brightly lit room, you can opt for darker colors for the floors.

Most laminates look like wood, lending warmth and luxury to wherever they are installed without the hassle of heavy maintenance. However, professional installation makes a major difference because it is only then that you will have a real wood like finish and appearance.

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