7 Simple & Stylish Ways to Beatify Your Staircase


Staircases are functional, not necessarily aesthetically pleasing – but they can be.

In fact, decorating your staircase is easier than it sounds and can make your entire home more beautiful. Here are a few ideas on how to make your staircase a thing of beauty.

Tips to Beautify Your Staircase 

How to Make Your Staircase Look Better

Here are seven tips to consider while building, renovating, or decorating your staircase.

1. Get Creative

A staircase is a prominent structure within any home, and a beautiful one can help complete its appearance. For a home with contemporary decor, go with a round staircase or a self-supporting one. For a more traditional yet unique look, choose a solid wood cladding staircase with glass or stainless steel guardrails. Talk to your designer or interior decorator to find an interesting design that’s also practical.

2. Add Some Colour

Colour can work magic. If you’re feeling whimsical, colour your stairs with multiple hues. A powerful solid colour on the riser can enliven the space. A dark-light contrast can make your staircase the center of attention, and the stronger the contrast the more one’s eyes will be drawn. You can also use different shades of a single colour to create a more striking impression. Let your imagination run wild.

3. Splash Some Patterns and Designs

Plain and simple might be a good motto, but not when it comes to your home’s decor. Patterns and designs can kick your home’s aesthetics up a notch. Use design tiles on the tread for a little cultural influence, or certain patterns to add sparkle and lustre.

Although carpeting on stairs is a little outdated, you can still use a bold coloured rug on the landing for a more elegant look. It can also help prevent children or pets from slipping on bare stairs.

4. Make Them Functional

Staircases are by definition functional, but they can be combined with other design elements to make them even more so. Consider adding storage cabinets or bookshelves underneath. Utilizing every inch of available space is a blessing in small homes.

5. Light Them Up

Staircase lights aren’t a necessity, but a little illumination is stylishly functional. The most common method is to incorporate LED lights alongside the handrails or on the wall that runs along the stairs. You can also set up the lights in the counter step or underneath them to add some elegance and illumination.

6. Make Them Minimalistic

A bulky staircase with rails is unsuitable for a smaller space. A minimalist staircase design can be used anywhere. Strip them to their most basic by removing railings and you will have a modern and chic staircase. An open staircase will carry forward the organic flow of your home’s interior design, allow the light to come through, and add a wow element in the open space.

7. Go Traditional with Railings

Stair railings give you the chance to get creative. The right ones say a lot about your design style so must match the rest of your decor. If you want a fancy railing, make sure you have enough space to show it off. If you’re tight on space, go with simple and straight railings.

Plexiglass railings on the other hand will add a modern feel and sense of vastness. If your home has a lot of woodwork, you can go with wooden railings, but combine them with light-coloured walls. You can also keep the colours confined to the railings or match the railing colour to the wall if you’re not feeling too bold. Or you can just play with the colours on the gradient.

A beautiful staircase can be a stunning part of your home’s entire decor. To make it stand out, add colours or patterns. A little effort will make them it as unique and chic as the rest of your home. Go traditional, modern, or minimalistic. Your staircase can be an important part of making a good impression on visitors.

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