How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug for Every Room


Depending on the function and foot traffic of each room, its flooring material and accessories should be chosen accordingly. Area rugs are one such accessory. They beautify your home and provide a soft and warm surface to step on. Area rugs can be of varied sizes and materials, and should be chosen keeping in mind foot traffic and other criteria that affect their durability and quality. The following tips and suggestions will help you choose the right rug for the right room.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Area Rugs


  • Size

Area rugs are available in many shapes and sizes. However, your choice should be proportional to the size of the room. Accurately measure the rug and the room where it will be placed before making your purchase. The size of your rug should be such that it touches the legs of all the furniture on every corner and creates a compact area. The larger the rug, the more it will dominate the space.

  • Shape

Rugs are not limited to rectangles or squares. If you have a circular dining table, a circular rug underneath it will suit. The key is to understand whether a certain unconventionally shaped rug complements your overall décor.

  • Colour/Pattern

The colour and pattern of the rug should complement your room’s colour palette. The upholstery, wall colour and furniture should all work together to enhance the house’s overall beauty.

  • Fabric

Area rugs come in many fabrics, and the texture and look it imparts to your room varies accordingly. Acrylic, polypropylene, viscose, sisal, jute, cotton and wool are some of the most popular materials used in high-quality area rugs.

  • Room

Different rugs suit different areas of the house. Also, consider foot traffic, the purpose of the room and how you maintain it when choosing a rug.

Read on to find out how rugs should be selected based on the room in which it is to be used.

Tips to Select Area Rugs Based on The Room Where You Will Place It


  • Entryways/hallways

Entryways necessitate a sturdy and durable area rug that can withstand high traffic. Choose a weather-resistant material like acrylic or polypropylene, particularly if you have an exterior floor mat. The area rug should be big enough for multiple people to use at once and with a low or medium-height pile.

. Here are a few things to take note of when choosing an area rug for the hallway:

  • The width should be more than the doorway but proportionate
  • Go for a rectangular or semi-circular rug near the door
  • Living room

This area rug should be chosen based on the layout of your living room furniture. Guests, family get-togethers and parties make this one of your home’s high-traffic zones. The area rug should be presentable as well as sturdy. A handcrafted, big rug that covers most of the floor is a good choice. These are thick, durable and beautiful, adding to the room’s overall aesthetic.

  • Dining room

Dining rooms get moderate foot traffic so a more delicate weave and structure of area rug is required. The shape of your dining table should be the deciding factor when choosing the shape of your area rug. It should be bigger than the dining table and sturdy enough so that it does not tear or get tangled with the dining chair legs.

  • Bedroom

With the least foot traffic, this is the ideal place for investing in soft and long-pile area rugs, like a plush or shag variant. Choose one that is big enough to place on either side of the bed or at the foot. The key is to buy a rug that covers the area you are likely to step on when getting out of bed.

When choosing area rugs for specific rooms, keep in mind these generic requirements, as well as room-specific factors. When visiting a reputable carpet dealer, their experts can guide you in case you are still overwhelmed by choice.


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