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Carpets are objects of pride for most home owners and quite rightly so considering the amount of time, money and energy that go into buying one! However the beauty of carpets largely depend on the way they are installed and professional installation is best for top results. This makes it important for you to work closely with your retailer so that you are aware of the installation process and can look forward to a flawless one. We are sure that you would want your carpet to have seamless fits that is stretched well. If not you may end up having wrinkles or buckles on the carpet that shall make the surface look uneven leading to premature wear and tear. Here we share some carpet installation tips that shall guide you well into the process.

Most retailers in Mississauga have in house technical staffs who are experts in carpet installations or they may also have installers on a contractual basis. Whatever be the case you have to plan, estimate and co-ordinate well with the installers for the perfect job. It is always a good idea to verify the credentials of the installers so that you know you have the right kind of people working for you. Your plan should be in writing and should include:

  • Accurate measurements for floor area with details of seam placement with allowances for special areas like staircases, closets and other immovable furniture.
  • Detailed working plan about how the installation will take place
  • Analysis of sub floor surface to make sure that it is in right shape for the new installation. The sub floor has to be consistent and leveled for perfect carpet installation. Minor irregularities will hinder installation. Also look for water or insect damages or any other damage and get it repaired beforehand.
  • Also include in your plan how to get rid of the old carpet, whether it will be recycled or sent to landfills.

Once you have your plan in hand, you can spearhead your carpet installation in Mississauga without any hitches. However there are few other things that you need to watch out for while installing a carpet:

  • Make sure you receive what you have ordered for in terms of texture, design, color and that there are no visible defects in the product.
  • Finish with all remodeling or renovation projects before you install a carpet. This should be the last step for remodeling your home.
  • Remember to clean and vacuum the sub floor after the old carpet has been removed. Ensure there is enough ventilation and air circulation in between removal of old carpet and placement of new one to get rid of moisture, dust, pollen, insects, etc. on the floor.
  • If you spot wrinkles or ripples post installation, call your retailer immediately as this may need professional work.
  • Shedding or sprouting is also normal for new carpets. Vacuuming and clipping the extended fibers will solve these issues.

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