Excellent Flooring Choices for Different Attic Spaces


Are you not using your attic? Why not?

Many homeowners leave their attics unused. But it can be put to many purposes, from a storage space to a home office or guest room. And kids love playing in secluded areas, so why not turn it into a playroom?

But, before you start renovating, there are certain factors to consider, such as flooring.Let’s look at the different ways you can transform your attic and what type of flooring is appropriate for each.


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Different Flooring for Different Attic Spaces

Attics can be used in different ways. Keep reading to explore what type of flooring is best for which purpose.

  1. When Your Attic Is Used for Storage 

Attic storage spaces have to be sturdy. This is where we put everything, we don’t need daily, including discarded furniture, unwanted clothes, utensils and toys. Hence, it has to bear a lot of weight. Some prime flooring options are plywood and hardwood.

Hint: make sure you store items in the middle of the attic as the temperature gets more extreme around the edges.

  1. When Your Attic Is a Playroom

Do you want your kids to have a playroom? Use your attic!

Choose resilient flooring, likelaminate or vinyl flooring, that will act as a sound barrier. Theseare great options as they’re fixed over a wood underlayment that blocks noise. In addition, it comes in different colours and patterns that make it a versatile choice for any decor type. It’s also low maintenance.

If you’re not worried about them spilling drinks and food, wall-to-wall carpetingis another flooring option. Wool, polyester and nylon are also certainly softer than wood. (Note: wool carpets are the most expensive.)Your carpeting options are obviously pretty vast but stick to darker colours, not that kids are messy or anything.

  1. When Your Attic Is a Guest Room

Sticking your guestsin the attic, away from your home’s hustle and bustle,isn’t a bad idea.Laminate and hardwood flooring again work best. The latter is expensive and can be complemented with carpeting; the former is more affordable and can be bought to look like hardwood.

  1. When Your Attic Is a Home Office 

The attic is a great place to locate your home office. It’s secluded so you can conduct your work in peace. When choosing flooring, stick to laminate or hardwood. Both are hardy, durable and easy to maintain. If you have a higher budget, choose hardwood. On the other hand, laminate flooring is more affordable but can be equally stylish.

In whichever way you decide to use your attic, don’t forget these key factors when choosing your flooring. Hardwood is expensive but hardy, stylish and worth the investment; it’s most appropriate for a home office, guest room or storage. Laminate and vinyl are safest for a child’s playroom but not storage.

Think about your needs before converting your attic, then choose the most suitable flooring. Still unsure? Get in touch with our experts.

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