Top 5 Factors to Consider in Order to Buy the Right Area Rug


An area rug is a great addition to any room. It transforms the look of a space and protects your feet from cold floors. From traditional to modern, from bold to subtle, area rugs come in a variety of designs and styles. That wide range of availability makes it necessary to consider certain factors in order to buy the right area rug for your home. This blog discusses those factors in detail.


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Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Area Rug


  1. Style

When it comes to choosing an area rug, there are plenty of styles. Classic European and traditional Persian rugs have always been highly coveted by homeowners. Or, to add a stylish touch to your décor, go for floral or geometric designs, perhaps on jute or sisal rugs. Before making your purchase, you should be aware of the different types of area rug styles and the kind of environment you want to create. An area rug doesn’t need to complement every element in your room; just make sure it goes well with the tones and textures of your furniture.

  1. Pattern

A well-patterned area rug beautifies any room. If the walls and furniture are solidly coloured, you can bring life to the space by adding a patterned rug. No matter the kind of pattern you choose, it should create a balanced look. A patterned rug also helps sustain cleanliness as it will not show spills or stains. If your room is furnished, think about the rug pattern that best suits your décor. You need to decide if you want an area rug that looks stylish or sophisticated. Thus, select a pattern suited to the tones of the walls, ceiling and flooring.

  1. Colour

As the colour of an area rug sets the tone of your room, you should choose it carefully.Select a rug colour according to the effect you want to create. Do not only focus on your likes and dislikes; think about how various colours will complement furniture and other existing items. If your room is full of colours and patterns, buy a single coloured or neutral-toned rug. Ifit is unfurnished, take into consideration the tints of the ceiling, walls and flooring.

  1. Size

Consider the area you want to decorate to choose the most appropriate rug size. Never buy a rug that is too small as it may negatively affect the décor. Try to keep 10 to 20 inches of open floor space between the walls and rug edges. No matter the size you choose, place the rug in the centre of your room, and make sure the distance between the wall and rug is the same on all sides. To define a room, make the most of your rugs. For instance, if you have a big seating area and do not want floating furniture, layer your rugs. For a large bedroom, choose a rug that runs the width of your bed so it nicely frames the area. Pick a rug that extends around 36 inches on all the sides of your bed for even visual distribution. An area rug under your bed provides you with padding and gives a new dimension to the space.

  1. Pile

Pile refers to rug thickness or thinness. As lowpile rugs are stronger than highpile rugs, the former is easier to clean and vacuum. They also cost less and last longer, as they are easy to maintain and are not prone to wear and tear. A low pile rugmakes your room look cosy and elegant. Check the fibre content as rugs made of high-quality material last longer, irrespective of the pile.A higher pile rug does not ensure better durability and quality.

An area rug can significantly improve the overall appearance of a room. It is an ideal solution to hide less attractive floors and protect your feet from cold flooring. Consider the above-mentioned factors in order to buy an area rug suited to your needs and compatible with your home decor.


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