Effective Ways to Keep Your Shag Carpets and Rugs Clean


Shag rugs are known for their fluffy texture, which makes them comfortable to step on and beautiful as well. Flokati, wool, acrylic and leather are popular materials used for making this type of floor covering. However, they have thicker pile, which makes it very difficult to reach and clean the dust that settles within the crevices of the rug. Professional cleaners charge more for cleaning shags compared to other rugs primarily for these difficulties. Material-specific cleaners should be used to avoid damaging the carpet.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Shag Carpets and Rugs Clean

There are effective methods you can use to clean these rugs at home if you are cautious and patient enough. This post discusses the different cleaning methods ideal for shag floor coverings.

• Shaking and Smacking

Carry the rug outdoors to shake it hard to shed loose dust. This is the oldest and easiest method of cleaning your rugs to a certain extent. If the rug is too large or heavy to shake it by hand, hang it from a clothesline and smack it with a broom or stick. Hit hard enough to loosen up the dirt so that majority of it falls out.

• Vacuuming

Professional cleaners recommend using a vacuum on shags, but only with the right fixtures and technique. Vacuum can be effectively used for cleaning without damaging the pile. Choose a flat upholstery head along with a vacuum cleaner that has speed adjustments. Set the speed at high and turn off the beater bar while cleaning. Be sure to suction out the dirt thoroughly. Flip the carpet and vacuum the backside to remove the loose dirt more precisely.

• Shampooing

Dry carpet shampoos can effectively clean most carpets. However, it’s risky since these shampoos are available in powder form, which can take a really long time to thoroughly clean through the material. Lather the shampoo with a brush into the rug and let it sit for the instructed length of time. Then thoroughly vacuum the rug so that all the granules are properly removed. This is not an ideal cleaning method for shags but it is effective if you patiently clean up the granules.

• Spot Cleaning

Accidentally spilling wine or dirt trails from the kids running into the house with muddy feet, are mishaps you cannot control. Spots from wet dirt or accidental spillage on shag rugs are even more difficult to clean. It’s recommended that you try and clean the spot immediately to avoid lasting stains. Soak the area with absorbent materials like paper towel or a terry facecloth. Spray on carpet cleaning solutions and let it sit for a while. Then with a fresh rag, pat the spot to ensure the stains are entirely removed.

• Professional Cleaning

Professionals have the infrastructure and tools to clean materials that require extra care and caution. Even if you use DIY ideas at home, opting for professional cleaning solutions a few times throughout the year is a wise choice. It’s the easiest and safest way to maintain the quality of your shag rugs ensuring that they look as good as new.

Taking care of your floor coverings is important if you want to increase their longevity and prevent infestation in the long run. Shag rugs are tricky to clean but the above-mentioned techniques are effective, depending on the type of shags you have chosen. Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood is a trusted dealer, with consultants who can advise you on the best shag rugs for your home.

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