Effective Removal of Harsh Stains on Vinyl Floors


During construction of new homes or renovation of old ones, large amount of your finance gets drained out. But vinyl flooring fits even in such constrained budget. You may move to a new home and see that the flooring consists of vinyl treatment. Witnessing the incredible design, color and finish, you decide to retain it. The only thing that stings your decision is regarding the presence of undesired blemishes. Every home owner with cost-effective vinyl floors should know that the maintenance is equally affordable and easy.

taking care of vinyl floors treatment
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Taking Care of Vinyl Floor Treatment

Start with the basic: Just like other flooring options, even vinyl flooring materials are coated with a protected layer during manufacturing. Presence of dirt and grimes are highly responsible for abrading the high-quality finish. Sweeping or vacuuming will make vinyl floors free of such unnecessary deposits.

Use of acidic vinegar: Once you are done with removing grits and hair, next comes damp moping. Make use of the acidity in apple cider vinegar to remove stain build-up. Mix it with hot water for better results. You can also add white vinegar instead, as it acts as an effective antimicrobial agent.

When ammonia is what you want: Ammonia is not a recommended cleaning product. But when stubborn smirches annoy you to an extent that only ammonia can suit your purpose, then better use it with heat. Never put the hot steamer directly onto the floor, always use a wet towel and then place the ironing press machine over it.

Alternative effectual usage: Rather than ammonia you can make a paste of baking soda and water, which will do wonders on tough greases of food items. For the rest, you can try the distinct method of dual mopping. First, you mop the vinyl floor with dishwashing soap and water and then on the second round you make use of vinegar and water.

Appropriate cleaners: When you avail the flooring components for your home, ask what type of finish is exactly applied on the planks, sheets or tiles. Choose only the suitable cleaner and spray it over the spotted areas. Let the foam work for a minute or two and then mop it away.

Spilling of nail polish: A lady remains primarily cautious to prevent her just colored nails from getting damaged. It is a helpless situation in case the small bottle of nail polish drops down or the content accidentally gets spread on the floor. There is nothing to worry, just take sufficient amount of cotton and wet it with the paint remover. Rub gently until the mark goes away.

Avoid using harsh liquid components and scrubbers. Unknowingly when you scour the wear layer with a steel wool, the protective finish will likely get scraped. Strong cleaners can disfigure the grace of vinyl floors in just one mop, while mild solutions will act like magic.

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