Easy Hacks for Upkeep of Wood and Wrought Iron Staircase


Adept home décor professionals know the wonder that is created by combining wood and wrought iron. It makes a superb combination when the durability of wood handshakes with the strength of wrought iron. Home owners do not doubt the quality of the two constituents of staircases, instead they are concerned about keeping them intact as they are.

It is absolutely easy to retain the lustrous worth of both materials. Moreover, professional help is available these days to fix any damaged portion of staircases. All you have to do is make use of simple tricks to avoid the staircase from degrading.


How to clean the wrought iron portions?

Since wrought iron is less in use when compared to wood, you might be wondering how to tackle with the metal:

  • Dust is one unavoidable entity which is bound to enter your home and settle on the wrought iron pickets. Just take a microfiber cloth and run down the spindles carefully to remove minute dust particles resting on the curvy areas.
  • Sprays and other chemical polishing products are easily obtainable. But it is for you to decide, whether you want the harsh products to eat away your stunning wrought iron spindles. The best method is to make a solution of diluted white vinegar with water. Damp a soft cloth in the mixture and wipe the areas that are delicate or challenging.

How to take care of the wooden parts?

Wood is almost omnipresent in constructions since ages. Yet being natural it is susceptible to moisture and requires maintenance. Here are some quick care tips.

  • Start cleaning wood parts of staircase by dusting away the deposition of dust. You can sweep them yourself or make use of the vacuum cleaner. Next mop the wood with water and mild dish washer solution. As wood is highly vulnerable to moisture, immediately soak away residual water with a dry cloth.
  • For extreme cases, where the stains are stubborn make use of a cleaner compatible to the layer of sealant. Wood is generally coated with a finish. Always ask the supplier for the name of the protective layer. Specific cleaners are accessible in the market for each type of wood finish.

What if the treads and risers are composed of wood?

When steps are made of wood, then it is evident with daily usage dents and scratches are inescapable. But you can always take preventive measures. To take care of the marks of scraped wood, apply an appropriate sealant. Avoid wearing heels or better place a rug on the stairs to prevent pointed heels from coming in direct contact with the wood.

On planning to wipe wrought iron with water and vinegar, the amount of water should be double than that of the latter. Even if it is wrought iron, once you are done with wiping, take a clean and dry towel to soak the presence of excess water. Fungus is a curse for wood. Use an appropriate disinfectant to kill them down to the spores.

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