Distinctions and Advantages of Area Rugs


An area rug is an ideal substitute for expensive hardwood and laminate floorings. With the striking work of art, it is suitable for every home and office adornment, devoid of monetary constraint. Offering boundless utilities, it is an indisputable choice for decor professionals as well as individuals. The area rugs can superbly hide any imperfection on the floor, providing warmth to your feet and absorbing noise.

Now that you are familiar with the ways in which an area rug enriches your life; then before buying one, it is important that you actualize certain considerations. An area rug bought in the hurry of enthusiasm will turn out to be a waste of investment.

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Assess the Following before Buying an Area Rug for Your Home


Measure the Area: Gauge the portion of floor where you want to place the rug and if possible include furniture as well. Note down these details and verify the dimensions at the online or general stores.

Decide the Color: It will be a bad idea to realize that the rug you just bought with great keenness is the dullest element inside your room. Thus, analyse what color would suit the existing décor first and then buy a complementing color of your choice.

Select the Fabric: Ordering just any random rug because of its knockout appearance is but a wasteful idea. It is crucial that you recognize the sturdiness of the constituent material. Foot traffic and strength of the fabric together will determine the longevity of the rug.

To determine which form of rug is suitable for your home, you can choose from the variant forms of area rugs with distinct advantages.

Hand-Knotted Area Rugs

The name is enough to signify that all the knots are individually woven with exceptional adroitness by a weaver. Wood is one of the fundamental materials used to make a hand-knotted rug, as it can stand firm against heavy traffic.


They are amazingly durable as they do not contain any adhesive.
Devoid of chemicals, they can be cleaned thoroughly and used for a long period of time.
Absence of chemicals makes area rugs environment-friendly

Hand-Tufted Rugs

Unlike handmade rugs, where every knot is carefully done, hand-tufted rugs are made utilizing the tufting gun. Thus, hand-tufted rugs can be obtained in far less time compared to handmade area rugs, reducing the cost. They are suitable for both heavy and medium foot traffic.


Hand-tufted rugs are highly affordable compared to hand-knotted ones.
Produced in lesser time, but usage of wool adds to toughness.
They are just as impressive as any handmade rug.

Machine-Woven Rugs

Again, the name itself suggests that these rugs are fabricated from machine-operated or electronic looms. The rugs are made out of synthetic fibres. Machine-woven rugs can withstand heavy-foot traffic, yet after few years of usage they begin to wear out.


Machine woven rugs are available at reasonable rates.
Even if they lack the finesse of handmade rugs, still they are extremely alluring.
If maintained properly they can be utilized for many years.

Above all, area rugs are stain-free, which makes it easier for users to clean these rugs with simple application of water and detergents. So, with area rugs you avail protection for your floors, luxury for your feet and grandeur for your room. For persistent stains you may contact professionals who use advanced cleaning methods and tools to give a face lift to your area rugs.

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