Detailed Care for Your Carefully Chosen Carpets


carpet-cleaning Carpets are an amazing way of styling your floors. Lying above any type of floor, carpets adds splendor to your room and provides cushion-like comfort to your feet. They are reachable in high to low price rates, depending on the nature of material used and method of tufting. It is the tenderness of a carpet, which makes it more prone to dirt and stains compared to that of concrete floors. Want to let go of this elegant floor decorating product just because it is tough to take care of? Even when maintenance of carpet seems impossible, there are many effective tricks to achieve cleanliness and longevity.

On a General Note

A special occasion demands exceptional presentation of your home, in front of the guests. Since a carpet may lay proudly in the drawing or living room, to ease your visitors; don’t let accumulated dust, hair or grit ruin the grace of your celebration. To begin with, remove everything that is possibly lying on it, say a magazine, packets of eaten food or baby toys. Dust the concerned room, curtains and the furniture within it before you start vacuuming the carpet. Once these things are done, keep some patience to thoroughly clean even the edges. At times furniture and appliances may cover certain segments of the carpet, it is advised not to overlook the hidden areas, but gently vacuum them using an extension cord.

In Case of Accidental Spillage

  •  When a liquid gets unintentionally splattered on your carpet, on top of everything act immediately while things are still wet. Delayed action from your side, will cause the stain to dry and the smear will reach the inner knots of the carpet as well.
  • Whether it is alcohol, juice or ink, use a blotting paper to soak up the spillage. This will least avert the liquid from reaching the interior regions of the carpet. The only thing is use the cloth or paper gently and don’t use too much force, as it will make the liquid pass more into the fibers.
  • Hair sprays work like magic spell on difficult stains. But what if you are told, there are specific shampoo for carpets as well. Thus, all you have to do is pick a suitable one which matches with your carpet. Likewise, in case of cleaners, read the information mentioned in the description.
  • When fighting out blood stains, never use warm water as it will further set the blood onto your carpet. Instead make use of hydrogen peroxide and cold water. For other cases of liquid blemishes, you can without doubt make a mixture of warm water and dish-washing detergent.
  • It isn’t unnatural for the adorable pets at your home, to unknowingly mess with your carpets. The persistent mar of their urine can be dealt with ammonia solution. All you have to do is put some ammonia solution on the required portion and then further cleanse it with detergent.

These hacks will help you retain the durability of your carpets. Remember to avoid the use of or to make minimal use of chemicals, as they are not safe for the soft texture of your carpets. Instead, use mild soap moderately and rinse away with cold water. When stuck with stubborn stains, you can opt for professional carpet cleaning.

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