Top Ideas for Decorating Your Living Room with Area Rugs


Area rugs can be a functional and decorative addition to any room. Usually made from natural materials like jute and sisal, area rugs come in endless colours and patterns.

Forget about those extravagant home renovations. Instead, see how the right rug can alter the appearance of your living room and upgrade your home’s ambience and visual appeal.

Importance of Area Rugs in Home Decoration

When you’re looking for new ideas to give your home a polished look, try area rugs. Choosing the right size, colour scheme and pattern can do wonders for your decor. They play important roles for several reasons:

  1. a) They provide the right amount of visual interest to your room.
  2. b) They uplift the mood of the room with their colourful designs.
  3. c) They act as the perfect backdrop to the room’s focal points.

Area rugs are versatile; you can use them to accentuate a coffee table or a dining table. They transform a bland living room decor into an interesting and colourful one.

To get you started, we’ve provided a few of the best living room rug ideas to inspire you.

  1. Use a Dreamy Blue Rug to Get a Coastal Vibe


This is a great idea if you want a beach-inspired living room. Select an airy rug with hues of ocean blue and a neutral colour like beige, white or grey. You can even choose a rug with soft stripes or floral patterns to give your living room a makeover.

  1. Get a Pink Area Rug to Add Boho Colour


Getting creative doesn’t necessarily mean painting your walls in bright colours. A cheaper and easier alternative is to introduce bright-coloured area rugs into your living room.

  1. Use Rugs for Hip Mid-Century Modern Decor


Mid-century modern decor is full of colourful furniture and seamless lines, where the furniture plays the focal point. Fortunately, area rugs are perfect for adding vibrant colours to most decorating styles.

  1. Add Tropical-Inspired Rugs for a Fun Ambience

You can add a more tropical style to your living room with a bold area rug, without going too over the top. Big patterns and vibrant colours may not be a good choice for your sofa or chair, but rugs with these features can accentuate the tone of your floor.

  1. Add Rugs With Brushed Gold Accents


Want to add a touch of gold without replacing all your previous decor? Neutral grey patterned area rugs with warm gold hues could be the perfect addition.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Living Room Rug


  1. Right Measurements

When choosing area rugs for your living room, it’s important to pay attention to the measurements of both the room and your furniture to ensure the effectiveness of the design.

  1. Style

This is perhaps the one factor you don’t need to worry about much since most area rugs are suitable for any decor style. Just pay attention to the colour.

  1. Colour

The easiest trick to make your rug stand out is to ensure it has at least two accent colours.

  1. Comfort

This is an equally important but often ignored factor, but the way your rug feels under your feet is also important.

  1. Care

Spills are common in any household. Look for rugs that are easy to clean and maintain so you don’t need to be bothered about them all the time.

You can easily uplift your home’s design and style by implementing a few of these area rug ideas. Rugs act as the perfect backdrop to highlight the focal points of your home and don’t require any major renovations. Simply get in touch with your local flooring store that specializes in living room area rugs to help get you the right one for your home.

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