Deciding on the Perfect Area Rug for Your Home


Buying an area rug is not a daily affair. It can be quite difficult for a home owner to understand how to find the ultimate one. Many a times, homeowners get entrapped by spending their bucks in inferior quality area rug due to inadequate knowledge about the right material. However, before buying floor coverings, you need to consider four important questions that will enable you to choose the best option.

Area Rug

Will area rugs be exposed to high or low traffic?

Will they be exposed to considerable amount of daylight?

Will they experience stains and spills in a dining room, entryway or kid’s room?

How much will you spend on floor coverings? 

It’s extremely important to evaluate the feel, look, stain resistance and durability factor of area rugs. There are various factors to consider before investing in a good quality material. Let us discuss the major ones here.

  • Know where rugs should be placed: Homeowners should know where to place the rugs. One may choose to use area rugs as a centre of attraction in any room. In this situation, the decoration of the room will revolve around the design, color and pattern of the floor coverings placed. Also, one may place area rugs below the furniture in a way that it might not overlap other options. Once you place them properly, you may concentrate on other decorations to heighten the overall visual appeal of the room.
  • Calculate the exact size of the space: Before you decide to spend bucks in buying your favorite floor covering, calculate the exact size of the space to be covered. Area rugs will not only enhance the overall beauty of the space but also add sophistication to interior decoration. Usually, the standard rugs are rectangular. It is essential to know if you want to keep the furniture on or off the area rug. It is recommended to keep your furniture on the rug to facilitate daily cleaning and vacuuming.
  • Consider color, design, shape and style: With a plethora of options available, buyers often get confused when it comes to picking the right color, design, shape or style of area rug. You should be clear about your selection of floor coverings rather than settling down for common ones. Selecting the right color rug is necessary to add beauty in your home. Light shades make the space look bigger than darker ones do. A quick tip to pick the ideal color of area rug is that it does not have to match completely with your home’s décor but only with the look of the room.
  • Draft a budget for the purchase: Buying area rugs involve spending your hard-earned bucks to find good quality material for your home. You should set aside a budget intended for the area rug project. If you are looking for a material that will last for years, then investing in high quality is definitely worth the purchase. However, if you are looking to buy floor covering for high traffic areas, then look for low-price material that can be replaced overtime. You may buy new area rugs when the older ones may get damaged.

Besides, picking the favorite area rug and making the right selection involves a lot of effort on buyer’s part. Knowing how to clean and maintain them, you can keep them looking bright and young for years. Hope this write-up helps you buy an ideal area rug for your home.

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