Dark vs. Light Floors- How to Choose the Best for Your Home


Choose the Best for Your Home

Thanks to the numerous floor stains that are available today, irrespective of the wood species you choose, you have the flexibility to go for any hue for the finishing touch. Hardwood flooring is the preferred choice of millions of homeowners. Dark or light stains enjoy an almost equal share in the popularity. When you are choosing for your home, besides your preferences, you must also consider the advantages and disadvantages associated with your preferences.

This post outlines the various pros and cons associated with dark and light hardwood stains to help you take a decision about the right choice that will suit your need particularly.

Important factors to consider

When you are choosing a hardwood floor stain, there are certain factors that you must consider before taking any decision. The following are some important factors to note:

• Prioritize your preferences- Consider the type of stains and wood hues you find more attractive as a priority so that you do not get bored with your flooring style anytime soon.
• Consider the hardwood species- Every stain is not suitable for all types of hardwood. You must visualize the end result you want and the end result you are likely to get from the combination of a specific hardwood species and the stain of your choice.
• Average traffic- Foot traffic, pets, furniture influence how well the flooring and its finish will fare and should be taken into consideration.
• Maintenance- How frequently you clean the floor, and how much labour and time you are willing to invest in the floor maintenance plays an important role in your choice.

Advantages of dark stains

Dark hardwood species and stains have been in trend for the past few years. There are several advantageous and stylistic reasons behind it like:

• It is versatile and looks good in any type of house from a contemporary style home to conservative designs like old plantation style houses.
• Dark floorboards or stain complements numerous types of fabric and colours, allowing you the flexibility to choose varied furniture and accessories that will blend into your home décor.
• Many homeowners believe that the darker stains are more suitable for a formal ambience which is not the case. Depending on the texture and depth of the stain, it can be used to create a formal or a rustic space.
• If you want a dark floor, you can opt for a darker hardwood species or simply choose a dark stain on light floorboards like oak or pine. Opting for staining is a more affordable option if you love darker floors as species like ebony, teak or walnut are naturally dark but rather expensive.
• Darker stains can hide unsightly filler colours that don’t match. Uneven discolouration due to sun exposure over the years can be hidden by darker stains too.

Disadvantages of dark stains

There are few drawbacks associated with dark flooring too. The following are certain drawbacks you must take into consideration:

• Dirt, dust and debris show up more prominently on a dark hardwood floor. The darker the colour, the more prominent these are. Opting for a satin finish and not absolutely black stain can be helpful to a certain extent.
• Scratches and dents show up prominently on hardwood floors stained with dark lacquers as the lighter wood colours show through the scratches.
• If you have pets, scratches, and dents are obviously going to happen and this can be a problem on darker floors.
• The darker floor can make your room appear smaller than it actually is.

Advantages of light hardwood/stain

Light hardwood like oak and maple are very common and widely popular for various reasons. The following are some distinct advantages of choosing lighter stains and hardwood species.

• The lighter floor makes your home look spacey and larger.
• You can create different dramatic textures easily with light tones as the graining is much more prominent through the lighter colours.
• If your preference changes and you want a richer hue for the floor in the future, you can simply use the stain of your choice. It is easier to stain and create a new look for lighter floors.

Disadvantages of light hardwood/stain

A light flooring might cause you to face the following troubles.

• From white stain to varying degree of blonde and golden-brown, the choices are varied and hence it is difficult to decide which is the best.
• If your floor is naturally dark, it is difficult to achieve a truly light flooring finish using stains.

When you are choosing a stain or species of wood, you must consider its colour with respect to the furniture and the requirements you have. The above-mentioned pros and cons of dark and light stains will help you make an informed choice when you looking through the options available at a flooring store near you.

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