How to Clean the Most Popular Types of Flooring


floor cleaning

There are different types of flooring available and each one has specific maintenance requirements. Without knowing the proper way to clean your floor, you risk damaging it.

If you’re unsure of the optimal way to clean your floor, keep reading!

• Ceramic or Porcelain Floors

Ceramic floors are the easiest to clean because all you need is a wet mop to wipe away the dirt. You can use some neutral floor cleaner to clean the floor. Doing so will restore its glaze and shine. The best kind of mop for cleaning this floor is an old string mop. Also, make sure to clean the grout lines properly as it regularly accumulates dirt.

• Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are known for their durability and polish finishing. However, they should never be cleaned with a wet mop. Instead, vacuum the floor and then apply liquid floor cleaner by using a dry wax applicator. If you maintain the floor in this given manner, the floor will last longer and keep its look.

• Vinyl Floors

Cleaning a vinyl floor is similar to how a ceramic floor is cleaned. Vinyl floors need to be cleaned with a wet mop and neutral floor cleaner. They can also be washed, just don’t pour the water directly on the floor as that can loosen the adhesive used for attaching the tiles to the bare floor. To keep the shine of the floor intact, you can mix vinegar with water.

• Marble Floors

Marble is expensive and this kind of flooring requires delicate cleaning. As this type of floor is slippery, you cannot splash water to clean it. Take a wet mop to wipe off the dirt from the floor. You can also call professional floor cleaners once in a while to polish the marble floors to keep them shiny and grand.

• Slate Floors

Slate floors are susceptible to scratches and stains so they require more attention when cleaning them. Use a soft mop to prevent to avoid causing scratches and dents. Light sweeping is also recommended for this type of flooring. You can use floor sealant to safeguard this floor type from soaking up spills and getting scratches.

By following the above-mentioned cleaning methods for your floors, you can never go wrong. Make sure you don’t overdo the cleaning routine as it can damage the floor.

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