Maintaining Area Rugs

Maintaining your area rugs is straightforward and simple homemade tips will be enough for its maintenance. Experts say, this is the durable and affordable means to decorate your home. The spectacular area rugs will last longer even if you do not clean it for several years. However, to maintain the hygiene standards, simple homemade cleaning tips are all what you need. You can also choose the following tips:

  • Area rugs are one of those flooring solutions that hardly requires any hardcore maintenance. Regular vacuuming can retain its brightness and extends in life for years without destroying the colors and designs.
  • Since rugs are stain proof, any spillage or stains can be easily removed with a light mixture of water and clear detergent. Avoid using any bleaching agent as it wears away the rugs instantly. Over a period of time, rugs will appear drab and pale.
  • Once in a year, you can consider hiring a professional cleaning service. Professionals use tools and advanced cleaning systems, which includes stain-resistant coatings and deodorizers. This also helps in removing ground-in soil and revives your rugs appearance and beauty.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for a professional service, Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood can be your trusted partner.

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