Why Adding Insulation to Your Floors Is a Good Idea


Floor Insulation

Adding insulation to your home provides many advantages. Under-floor insulation can help combine the existing insulation system and improve the functionality. It can also play a huge part in the energy efficiency of your entire home. That’s not all though. Here are some more reasons to add insulation to your floors.

  • Soundproof

Insulating the floors completes the insulation system throughout your home. This means your home will enjoy better soundproofing when the floors are insulated. This can be especially useful for people whose house is located at an intersection or a busy street.

  • Added comfort

Investing in an insulation system for your floor makes it more comfortable to walk on. Your house also retains the heat for a longer time.

  • Better indoor air quality

With insulated floors, you get a chance to enjoy better indoor air quality. Along with pollution, it can also carry pollen, which can cause an allergic reaction. Also, presence of many tiny particles in the outside air can result in serious health problems. Floor insulation, when done properly, allows less unregulated air from entering your home. This in turn allows you to maintain a much better quality of air in your home.

  • Save money

Homeowners have the opportunity to save a lot on the heating system installed in their homes. A large amount of heat is misplaced through the floor of the home, especially if your crawlspace isn’t insulated. Keeping your floor insulated will make your ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems work less.

  • Prevents pipes from freezing

In places with extreme winters, pipes are prone to bursting and cracking if the water in them freezes. Adding a layer of insulation between the home exterior and the pipes, lowers the chances of a wintertime pipe rupture. In colder climates, there’s an option to insulate the exterior walls and to seal off the crawlspace. This protects the main floor.

When planned correctly, some energy efficiency improvements can pay for themselves. Insulated floors provide homeowners with many benefits.

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