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White formal lounge area.

White formal lounge area.

We are in the business of making Canadian floors a classy affair. Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood was founded in 1983. With its foundation came a new uprising in the flooring and carpet industry. We do not merely provide the products; we go ahead and take care of your installation, repair and maintenance needs.

Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood operates on a simple business plan. We believe in giving the customer everything and more. For this reason, we have maximized our philosophy with a careful need assessment to fit the customer’s requirements in terms of material, design, budget, lifestyle and other considerations that are taken into account by our panel of experts. Also, a part of our philosophy is our grand scale line up of products. We feature a plethora of names in hardwood, carpet, area rugs and laminate. Names that resound with quality, longevity and classic decor statements. So hand your floors over to us today for a lifelong partnership with beauty, comfort and durability.

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    Our experience and team of experts is the reason we are #1 in the industry.

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    After satisfying thousands of clients, we know how to get project done professionally with outstanding support.