9 Top Benefits of Carpets (And How to Best Use Them)


Carpets are much more than just ornamental furnishings. They’re an integral part of your home decor, a style statement, and a real game-changer that adds a dash of colour to your living space. Or they can harmonize with your existing furniture.

There are many reasons why you should invest in carpets, beyond the fact that they’re a great home decor idea.

Here, we examine the benefits of using carpets and unique ways to use them.

Discover the Importance of Carpets: 9 Clever Ways to Use Them

Carpets have traditionally been used to beautify homes, but they’re about much more than just decoration. Here are some of their advantages and tips on using them better.

1. They Connect Spaces

They Connect Spaces

Using carpets of similar colours or styles to connect spaces helps to create a visual flow, where your eyes are drawn from one space to the next. This visual pathway allows you to get creative and is a fun way to add different colours or designs to your space. It is important to ensure there is a feeling of symmetry and that the style of the carpet doesn’t clash with the existing decor. This method works best in neutral or minimal spaces.

To understand better how to choose the perfect carpet, click here.

2. They Absorb Sound

They Absorb Sound

Do you have hardwood floors? Then you know hardwood doesn’t absorb sound the way carpet does. Carpeting can help you significantly minimize noise and is a great solution for otherwise noisy small spaces, like apartments.

3. They Add Warmth

They Add Warmth

Carpets are useful for creating warmth and helping to insulate your home. This feature makes them extremely beneficial for houses in cold climates that need to cover their floors to retain heat. A factsheet shows that thicker carpets are best in this regard.

4. They Create Zones Within Open Plan Spaces

They Create Zones Within Open Plan Spaces

Experts believe there are several benefits to using open floor plans. Most importantly, they make your space look larger than it is. However, this creates certain challenges, with furniture looking out of place. Carpets create zones within open floor plans and help anchor your furniture.

5. Their Patterns and Colours Add Character and Personality

Their Patterns and Colours Add Character and Personality

Carpets are a good way to introduce a hint of personality into your decor, as they come in different patterns and styles. If your decor is minimalist then consider adding a splash of colour with your carpets to immediately give a room a style upgrade.

6. They Reinforce Your Style

They Reinforce Your Style

It makes sense that our homes should reflect our personal sense of style. From boho-chic or minimalism, there’s a floor covering to help you to accentuate your living space. For instance, if your decor has a rustic feel to it, introducing a similar style of carpet can complement the overall design.

7. They Reduce Accidents

They Reduce Accidents

Accidents happen, but carpets increase your family’s safety by providing a soft landing in case of slips or falls. They are especially advantageous if you have young kids.

Use thick carpeting, ideally with a face weight of 50 to 60 oz., as they are durable and do not restrict mobility.

8. They Save Money (in the Long Run)

They Save Money (in the Long Run)

Carpet can be a big upfront expense, true. But unlike, say, vinyl flooring, it doesn’t require any special preparations to install it. This can save you a lot of money, thereby making it a cost-effective flooring solution. Moreover, carpet helps to reduce heat loss and thus home heating costs.

9. They Create Artistic Space

They Create Artistic Space

Don’t limit yourself to using carpeting on just your floors. There are many ways to be creative with it and transform your space. Use carpet as an art piece on your wall, or as a bedpost. Their texture, colour, and design can immediately change your style game.

Carpeting has multiple uses. If you’re planning to install this type of floor covering, visit your local flooring experts, as doing it yourself can be tricky without prior experience. Ask for a free consultation to better understand which products will best suit your needs.

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