9 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Carpet Installation


There are plenty of reasons – think stains that can’t be removed, visible damage and mould – why you may want to replace the old carpet in your Mississauga-area home.

But what kind of new carpet should you get? If you’re too busy to do much cleaning, frieze carpet uses both natural and synthetic fibres that are easy to clean. Your best bet is to consult the experts at our carpet store in Mississauga

But before scheduling your carpet installer’s visit, it’s best to prep it properly for installation. Follow these tips below to start the carpet installation process.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Carpet Installation in Mississauga


Home Carpet Installation

Here’s how you can prepare your home for its new carpet.

1. Complete Any Wet Construction Before Installation

Before installing the carpet, it’s best to finish any wet construction, such as paint, drywall, and plaster, as the glue used may not work well if the area is damp.

2. Check on the Room Temperature

For a successful installation, it is important to maintain a certain temperature in the room as the carpet won’t stretch properly if it is too cold. It is best to install a carpet when the indoor temperature is between 18°C and 35°C with the humidity around 65%.

3. Remove the Furniture

The room has to be empty before installation of the carpet. When it comes to carpet installation in Mississauga, the installers will often help move the furniture. However, they may not move small items such as books, decorating items, and electronics. When the move begins, show them where to store the furniture so that the installation goes smoothly.

4. Clear the Path of Installation

Plan ahead of time where the installers will enter your home. They’ll need to move back and forth between their truck and your home so clear a path.

Consider covering the installation area to contain dust and debris. Note that furniture in the hallway can slow down the process so it is best to move furniture from this area.

5. Protect Nearby Items

Carpet installation releases a lot of dust into the air, so be cautious with nearby precious goods. Is there a grand piano or grandfather clock in the adjacent room? If you cannot close the door, cover these fragile items with a drop cloth before the installation.

For carpet installation in the living room with an open floor and adjacent kitchen, cover all appliances. Keep food items in the cupboard or refrigerator before work begins

6. Prep the Old Flooring

Removing your old floor is a good way to speed up the installation process. It is not difficult to take out old tiles or laminate flooring. However, it is better to talk with your installer before making any changes to the floor as they will often place the carpet over the old flooring.

It does not matter whether you or your installer removes the old carpet. But it is always a good practice to clean the room via vacuum or broom before the installation. You won’t want your new purchase from carpet stores in Mississauga to become dusty.

If you decide to remove the old carpet, keep the carpet nail and pad in place if it is in good condition. Later, the installer can choose how to place the new carpet.

7. Have a Plan for the Day

Do you have children or pets? As installing carpet is noisy, you need to keep them away from the installation area, either in a separate room or with a friend or neighbour. Keep yourself available in case the workers have questions.

8. Make a Plan Regarding Post-Installation Work

In some instances, you may need to remove baseboards and doors before the installation starts. While you can install them on your own, it is better to call professionals. They will have the experience, skills, and equipment to allow them to take accurate measurements and install the baseboards and doors at the correct height in proportion to the new carpet.

Most doors retain space to place the carpet. However, some require it to be fixed as they need to open and close properly.

9. Think Ahead

Your installers may offer detailed instructions on what needs to be done before and after carpet installation – and what should not be done. They will recommend keeping your feet off it for at minimum a day as the glue requires that amount of time to set.

To keep your carpet looking new for a long time, walk on it with bare feet, vacuum regularly, and spot-test cleaner before applying it to the whole carpet.

By following these tips, you can experience a successful carpet installation. Detailed instruction from the installer acts as a guide when it comes to removing the furniture, prepping old flooring, and taking care of your carpet post-installation. So, there is no need to worry as you prep for the process. It will be a hassle-free journey and you get a beautiful carpet in the end.

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