8 Awesome Flooring Trends for 2019 You’ll Absolutely Love!


Year 2018 is about to end and home interior enthusiasts are already looking forward to the new trends of 2019. If you are planning to upgrade your flooring in particular, this might be the best time to do so. Stun your guests with an interior style they have not yet seen anywhere else.

This post by Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood compiles eight latest flooring trends so that you can give your home a face-lift this new year.

1. Artistic touch to area rugs

Quality flooring is an essential part of interior design

Minimalist décor is still a trend that is going strong but consumers today are more inclined towards designs and styles which serve the dual-purpose of aesthetics and practical use. Quality flooring is an essential part of interior design and if you choose carpet and area rugs for your home, the artistic value is a factor that is largely considered today. A statement piece also serves as a conservation item which adds more value to the home regarding beauty and appeal. Some popular styles whose artistic side is making them a top choice for 2019 are:

Braided rugs
Boldly patterned floor mats
Geometric designs
Mismatched carpeting
Animal and floral prints

We have a detailed blog on various types of area rugs and their recognizable features.

2. Classic is always a favourite

Persian carpets and area rugs strategically placed runners and throw carpets will be trending in the upcoming year. For years they have always been a classic favourite and continue to be so. If you are a conservative when it comes to décor and interior, these are some flooring materials that will never fail you.

Besides carpeting, the classic, hardwood flooring will remain a focal point of the coming year due to its universal appeal as it can complement any kind of décor style. What sets the hardwood flooring trends of 2019 apart is the emphasis on varied rustic and natural textures like distressed wood.

The motto is to harness the serenity of nature in your interior decoration as well.

3. Inclination for eco-friendly materials

Natural, recycled and sustainably obtained materials have gained much popularity throughout this year and will be a big-time favourite among customers in 2019. Reclaimed and engineered hardwood are some eco-friendly choices you have. Hardwoods that are harvested for commercial purposes are eco-friendly as well. Salvaged materials are popular because they help in conservation and as we become more aware of the adverse impact of human activities on the environment, the inclination towards going green increases.

4. Incorporating variety under the same roof

sing different style and patterns of area rugs

Interior decorators encourage using different style and patterns of area rugs to set the mood of every room. Since area rugs have the versatility to segregate each space by the virtue of their texture, you can use them strategically to mark each and every room apart. While bold and multicoloured rugs will be particularly trending in the upcoming year, you need not use them in every room. For example, the bedroom calls for a more relaxing and serene décor where such chaos of colours disturbs the harmony and you can always go for a subdued design here.

5. Larger size is trending

When it comes to determining the size of the area rug you need, an inclination among customers towards larger area rugs which almost extends wall-to-wall is seen. Choosing these area rugs let you reap the benefit of its larger area while you can enjoy the advantages of the area rug like cleaning them occasionally or putting it away when you want a bare floor. In the living room, choose a size that will cover the maximum floor area and extend under the sofa and other furniture in the room.

6. Navy is the new neutral

Navy blue is a trending colour of 2018 and has made a mark in interior décor in many ways and will continue to do so in 2019 as well. This is a colour that you can easily incorporate into any kind of décor, making it a versatile colour. It can even be used to neutralize and maintain the overall colour balance of the room. For the flooring, navy blue can be incorporated in the form of an area rug and floor mats. If you are not comfortable using a solid navy-blue carpet, you can always select area rugs which feature this shade in a lesser amount.

7. Lower pile height will generally gain popularity

Carpets with low pile pose certain advantages like ease of cleaning and do not show prominent footprints. This is a major reason behind its popularity and it will continue to gain popularity in the upcoming year.

However, an exception to this trend is the Marrakesh Shag which has a longer pile. It is warm and cozy to touch and adds to the aesthetics of a spacious room. It has a subtle bohemian look and if this is your style, then Marrakesh can be a great choice for your home in 2019. They have geometric patterns and come in different colours which make it a versatile choice that will complement any interior décor.

8. Hardwood stains in varied hues will be in trend

Dark, honey, grey, and even lighter stains will go strong in 2019. The variety in hardwood stains can alter the entire look of the house. If you want to upgrade your flooring according to the trends while on a budget, re-staining your old hardwood floor with a trending hue can do the trick. If you want to install new hardwood flooring contrast wood floor is a unique and bold trend that you can try out.

A professional can give you the best advice regarding how to customize the trend according to your home décor and you can always seek expert help from experienced companies providing customization services, like us!

If upgrading your home is long due and 2019 is knocking at your door, this is the right time to get the latest trends incorporated, giving a face-lift to the house. We have provided some fabulous flooring trends of the future here but it all comes down to your personal taste. The key is to incorporate the trends such that it accentuates your personal touch around the house. If you have visualized some ideas to upgrade your home flooring for 2019 but do not know where to start from, Super Choice Carpet and Hardwood can give you the assistance you require.

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