5 Winter Care Tips for Your Home’s Laminate Flooring


The holidays are a fun time for many of us, but winter can wreak havoc on laminate flooring in Mississauga homes when we trek in the elements.

Fortunately, there are steps we can take and things we can avoid to ensure it stays in good shape throughout the colder months.

If your Mississauga home has laminate flooring, keep reading to discover winter care tips to keep them looking their best.

How to Care for Laminate Flooring in Your Mississauga Home This Winter


How to Care for Laminate Flooring in Your Mississauga Home This Winter

Here are a few maintenance tips to protect your laminate flooring.

Put Welcome Mats at Doorways

As the winter weather hits, many people use de-icers, including salt, and these products get stuck on their shoes. These can be dragged indoors, resulting in damaged finishing along with scratches and scuffs.

A great way to protect your laminate flooring is to use a doormat at every entrance and ask visitors to wipe their shoes to minimize potential damage. You will, though, need to clean the mats at least once a week to reduce dragged-in buildup and damage to your beautiful floors.

Also, check for water seeping into your floors under the mats as they can cause ongoing damage.


Use a Floor Neutralizer

De-icers that find a way into your home will leave a white residue. While commercial floor cleaners can remove some of this, they can irreversibly damage your laminate floors.

So, a floor neutralizer is recommended to remove melted ice. They are specifically designed to remove organic residue such as hard water, scum, and ice melt chlorides. It eliminates unattractive streaks without causing any damage to flooring.


Vacuum at Least Once a Week

Vacuum for speedy regular maintenance. Use attachments for hard-to-reach areas that mops might miss, such as under furnishings and around corners. (A microfibre attachment gets the best results.)


Heat Your Home Evenly

When the temperature starts to dip, it’s natural for homeowners to want to turn on the heat. While walking on warm laminate floors might feel great, they are still made using wood, and exposure to dry air can cause them to contract.

This makes it necessary to ensure your home has a constant humidity level. For this, you may use a dehumidifier or humidifier.


Use the Right Cleaning Method

While laminate flooring might be low maintenance, that doesn’t mean it requires no cleaning. But it does mean that the material is less fussy than others, even during harsh weather.

So, it’s important to find the right balance and routine to ensure your floor looks great and functions optimally. Just make sure the routine is easy to ensure you set yourself up for success. Some good ways to do this are to:


  • Use suitable floor cleaners at least once a week. You can speak to your laminate flooring provider in Mississauga to suggest the best one.
  • Vacuum your laminate floors weekly using the hard surface floor setting.
  • Dust mop or sweep twice a week to remove surface debris and dirt that can damage the finish.
  • Use revitalization products occasionally to make the floors look as good as new.


Additional Tip: What to Avoid When Cleaning Laminate Flooring

When it comes to laminate flooring, there are many things that should never be done as they do more harm than good.

●        Never use a wet cloth to clean as moisture can damage the material.

●        Never use products that promote a shine as they will leave behind a waxy buildup that will be difficult to get rid of.

●        Never use vinegar since it’s highly acidic and can break down surfaces like laminate over time.

●        Never use steam cleaners as the moisture and heat can cause the glued layers to sustain water damage.

●        Never use wood cleaners as they leave behind a residue that makes the floor appear streaky.

●        Never use bristle brooms as these often leave behind particles that lead to surface wear.

●        Never use abrasive scrubbers (like steel wool or scratchy sponges) as they will cause irreversible damage.


Winter brings obstacles with it, so making sure your property is prepared for the season is key to ensuring that the laminate flooring in your Mississauga home remains spotless. Both ongoing maintenance and proactive preparation are necessary to keep your floors clean and damage-free. We hope these tips will help your household endure the coldest time of the year and save you money and time you’d otherwise spend on expensive and unexpected repairs.

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