5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Area Rugs


Area rugs are excellent add-ons to make a room look more artistic and lively. They anchor the room and add more colours and textures. Having the right rug not only provides comfort but also compliments the furniture of your room.

area rugs

To help you out, here are some creative ideas to decorate your home with area rugs:-

Centre of Focus

You can divide separate areas of your room with the help of rugs. They are perfect for creating an artistic foundation to your living space and add drama to the interior décor.

Add Life to The Kitchen

In most houses, the kitchen space is boring and obvious. You can add life to your kitchen by decorating it with a colourful wool rug. Wool rugs are the perfect blend of style and comfort. They are very durable and will cushion your feet while you cook.

Be Bold

Get out of your comfort zone and choose something different for decoration. Break the stereotype of dull rugs by choosing something with bold colours and rich patterns. They will give a splash of enthusiasm to the décor and make your room look livelier. For example, use zebra-inspired rugs against white wall and floor.

Use The Walls

Use the walls as a canvas and paint it with silk rugs or tapestry. It will be an excellent addition to the décor and give a glamourous look to the room. Experiment with the colour, texture and design of the rugs to enhance the existing theme of your room.

Add Layers and Variety

You can multiply the aesthetic impact of area rugs by adding many layers. Choose two different sized rugs (that complement each other) using the larger rug as the centre stage and then put the smaller rug over it to create a layering effect. You can also place the smaller rug beside the larger one to create an interesting set-up.

You can use area rugs in multiple ways and create countless patterns. They are one of the most versatile flooring options that can seamlessly fit into the décor of your home, without requiring a big investment. So go ahead and experiment with rugs to give your home a new look.

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