5 Tips to Coordinate Area Rugs in an Open Floor Plan


Area Rugs in an Open Floor

Area rugs add to the expression and personality of a home while protecting the flooring against heavy furniture. But choosing and coordinating multiple area rugs on a single floor can be confusing. There are many choices of materials, functions, designs, colours and patterns. This makes finding the best possible coordination tough. That’s okay though, as area rugs are a great way of distinguishing separate sections of an open floor planning. Here we have some fantastic tips for coordinating different area rugs tastefully in this blog post.

  • Matching rugs

This is the safest way to coordinate the rugs within your floor plan. Get different sizes of similar rug designs and use them for your home. Carefully consider how well the rug coordinates with the rest of the interior décor within the household.

  • Solid and gradient

Another way to coordinate several floor rugs is by choosing a solid coloured rug and another gradient rug which complements its colour. The pairing is easier with one neutral shade like eggshell, grey-beige, grey, cream, light tan, ivory, or black, in the pair. Use the brighter colour or the gradient rug for the dominant space within the floor plan to draw the attention to that spot. Highlight the best part of the floor plan this way to add more dimensions to the room.

  • Patterned and solid

Make a style statement by combining patterned and solid rugs together in the floor plan. This is a daring décor idea for any home. Opt for a similar colour palette for the solid and the patterned rug to coordinate. However, finding the right patterns that coordinate well with the overall home décor can be time-consuming. If in a time-crunch, go for a geometric design. They universally complement any style. and hence, are a safe choice for open floor planning.

  • Oriental rugs

They are very striking in design with intricate patterns but are easier to combine. They share a similar sensibility and colour palette with each other but are drastically different from other categories of area rugs. Choose oriental rugs with similar base colour and despite the difference in patterns, they will coordinate well with each other. They look excellent with wooden furniture and hardwood flooring in a vintage style home. You can even pair an oriental rug with a flokati provided one of them or both have a neutral base colour.

  • Different colours- same pattern

Choose rugs with similar patterns and designs but different colours. This way you can subtly use two different rugs together on the same floor. Ensure the base colours are complementary so that they do not clash. Create a visual echo by contrasting the area rugs with the furniture, cushions, and accessories within the room. You can get such rugs custom made for your home.

Colour is the key element that creates harmony in an open floor plan. Choosing the best complementing area rugs is an important investment. When you choose rugs that share similar colour palettes, the overall décor is balanced. At Super Choice Carpet & Hardwood, we have a wide range of area rugs in various material that you can explore for your home. Our expert interior designers have valuable suggestions for any home.

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