5 Tips for Buying Affordable Carpets for Your Home


Shopping for a carpet is a lot like shopping for a car. It involves a financial investment and choosing between different models, colours, and brands.

The wide range of choices available can also make your head spin, so it may be tempting to rely solely on salespeople for recommendations. But by doing some basic homework –including comparison shopping and working with a reputable retailer –carpet buying doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can give you the confidence that you’re getting a quality product for a reasonable price.

Want to save money by choosing affordable carpeting for your home that is also good quality? Read these exclusive carpet-buying tips.

Tips to Follow When Choosing the Best Carpet on Budget


Choosing the Best Carpet on Budget

1. Check out different fibres 

Consider buying a less costly carpet fibre. Polyester is a good option as it is easily available and more durable than it used to be. This material is also resistant to staining and available in a wider range of vibrant styles and colours than other fibres because of the way polyester accepts dyes.

Olefin (polypropylene) is another inexpensive carpet fibre.

2. Consider maintenance 

There are several benefits to carpets, the key one being that it enhances the beauty ofyour floors. That means you don’t have to overspend on carpet maintenance.

Before purchasing a carpet, know how it needs to be looked after, as different carpets require different types of maintenance. If you have children or pets, do not buy shag carpets because it is hard to clean regularly. Avoid lightly-coloured carpets because they may highlight stains and dirt.

3. Choose a durable style

More expensive carpet tends to last longer as they are made using high quality materials. But you can also find durable carpeting while working within a budget.

  • Berbers: Choose Berbers that are affordable due to their olefin fibre content and how they are produced.
  • Friezes: This style of carpet has longer fibres with a high twist level, which increases their strength.

4. Compare colours as well as patterns of carpet

Narrow your search by selecting shades to match the mood you desire in each room. Select cool blues or greens for a calm setting and warm reds or golden shades to make a large space feel inviting. Light colours may make tiny rooms feel larger as well as more open, so try out cream or tan carpeting if you’re feeling claustrophobic.

5. Upgrade the carpet padding

It is illogical to spend a lot of money on carpet padding when you have a fixed budget. But the pad is important to the carpet’s overall performance. High-quality under pads can make a budget-friendly carpet perform better than it would on its own.

When choosing the carpet cushion, buy the most durable pad you can afford. You can balance the extra cost of the under pad by choosing less-expensive carpets.

6. Search for in-stock 

Many carpet sellers maintain a large inventory, with huge rolls of carpet kept in their warehouse. This inventory was purchased at discounted rates as they are buying in bulk. This translates into a good deal for you.

Save money by purchasing the carpet the dealer already has on hand. This means a more limited selection in terms of colours and styles. But if you can find a product that you like that’s already in stock, you may save time and money significantly.

7. DIY stair runners

Stair runners add a refined and custom look to a living space while also preventing slippage. But it is almost impossible to find the correct pre-fabricated option for your specific size and space. It is also pricey to customize stair runners to your exact specs from a custom carpet source. The best option is to buy a good runner in the preferred width and then buy in multiples for the full run of the stairs.

8. Go green 

Your choice of carpet not only impacts your health but can also affect the environment. Many manufacturers use recycled carpeting to produce new carpets, so check the recycled content percentage prior to purchase. Keep in mind that nylon and other synthetics are made primarily from fossil fuel by-products. Therefore choose renewable or recycled products for maximum sustainability.

Do your research and base your carpet-buying decisions on your lifestyle, household occupants, traffic levels, and other vital factors. Also, consider the maintenance requirements and price of the carpet. Aim not to over spend, and buy as high-quality a carpet as you can within your budget. Need help purchasing an affordable carpet? Consult us to get an idea of how to pay less and get more.

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