5 Harmful Laminate Flooring Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid


Laminate flooring is an affordable, durable and low-maintenance alternative to hardwood flooring. However, improper cleaning techniques can very quickly damage the look of your floor. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid if you want your laminate floor to keep its shine.

Mistake #1: You Use a Traditional Broom

Dust your laminate flooring regularly, but using a traditional broom should be strictly avoided. It’s bristles can leave dust particles, streaks and scratches on the floor. Instead, use is a dry microfiber mop which glides well across the floor. Also, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner occasionally for smaller particles.

Mistake #2: You Use Water and Detergent Based Liquids

Water and other liquids are not suitable for cleaning laminate flooring. Using too much of them can cause swelling of the laminate boards as they can sink into the board gaps and get absorbed. Detergent based liquids, on the other hand, leave a dull coating on the surface of the floor. If you want to remove a stain or dirt patch, just spray a small amount of water on a microfiber mop or cloth and wipe the area. You can also buy a commercial laminate floor cleaner or prepare homemade cleaning solutions.

Mistake #3: You Don’t Take Buffing Seriously

The ultimate secret of maintaining the shine of your laminated flooring is regular buffing. It’s important to buff the floor with a microfiber cloth after any cleaning is done. A few minutes of buffing can make all the difference!

Mistake #4: You Expose Your Flooring to UV Rays

Avoid exposing your floor to direct sunlight and excessive heat. This can lead to fading and uneven aging of the exposed spots. Use window coverings to protect the floor.

Mistake #5: You Don’t Take Preventive Measures

Although laminate flooring needs less maintenance than other options, always remember that prevention is better than a cure! There are several steps you can take to avoid or minimize long-term damage:

  • If you have pets at home, keep their nails trimmed and wipe off any spills or urine immediately.
  • Lift furniture up to reposition them instead of dragging them across the floor. Also, use protective furniture caps to avoid accidental scraping.
  • Invest in high-quality indoor and outdoor mats and place them at the entrances and high traffic areas like kitchen sinks, vanities, etc.
  • Keep a careful eye on any plants that look to be overfilled. Muddy water is harmful for your hardwood flooring.

Avoid these common mistakes and prevent damaging your lovely new floor. With a little preparation and awareness, your laminate flooring will keep its beauty for years!

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