5 Compact Staircases Found in Mississauga Flooring Stores


When it comes to small duplexes and compact homes in Mississauga, conventional staircase designs with a dedicated stairwell can pose a significant challenge. That’s why it is important to look at wooden staircase designs to figure out which is best for your home. Making this choice allows you to match it to your interior decor, especially if you have hardwood flooring in your small Mississauga home.

Accommodating a staircase in a small apartment or house requires a thoughtful approach to its design. Practicality and efficient use of the available space become paramount considerations, alongside how it looks. These ingenious wooden staircases demonstrate the art of balancing functionality and style, proving that even in the most confined spaces, an elegant and functional staircase can be achieved.

You will find many staircase designs in flooring stores in Mississauga. However, not all will be a fit for small spaces. Keep reading to explore five space-saving wooden staircase designs that not only fit seamlessly into tiny areas but also leave a lasting impression.

Top Space-Saving Staircase Designs Found in Mississauga Flooring Stores

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Here are five top space-saving wooden staircase designs that seamlessly fit into small homes in Mississauga. All optimize space while adding a touch of elegance to your interiors.

1. Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are known for their compact design and visual appeal. With their helical structure gracefully ascending, they offer an excellent solution for small spaces where a conventional staircase may not fit.

Advantages & Features

The compact nature of spiral staircases allows them to fit into tight corners and areas with limited floor space. Their unique design adds a distinctive architectural element, making them a striking focal point within your home. The graceful curvature of a spiral staircase brings visual interest and a sense of elegance to any interior.

Examples & Inspirations

For a contemporary industrial look, consider a spiral staircase with sleek hardwood steps and a metal frame. This design harmonizes perfectly with minimalist interiors or loft-style apartments, infusing them with a modern twist.

Alternatively, a classic charm can be achieved with a spiral staircase crafted entirely from wood, enhanced by ornate handrails and decorative balusters. This will complement hardwood flooring in your Mississauga home.

2. Open Stairs

Many modern homebuyers favour open stairs, a design characterized by the absence of risers. This style has gained in popularity, particularly in small homes, due to its many advantages. The omission of risers creates an open and airy feel, making it an ideal choice in confined spaces.

Advantages & Features

The primary advantage of open staircases lies in their ability to lighten the visual weight of the staircase itself. By removing the risers, the structure becomes more transparent, allowing light to pass through and creating a greater sense of openness. This design choice is particularly advantageous in small spaces, as it helps to mitigate any potential feelings of confinement.

The absence of risers showcases the staircase’s design elements, such as the treads, balustrades, and handrails. Each component can be meticulously crafted to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the staircase and complement the surrounding interior.

Examples & Inspirations

An inspiring example of open stairs is a design that combines wooden treads with sleek metal balustrades. This fusion of materials creates a harmonious blend of warmth and contemporary flair, making it an ideal choice for transitional interior styles.

For a unique and artistic approach, consider an open staircase with custom-designed balustrades featuring intricate patterns or sculptural elements. This adds a captivating focal point to the space and allows for personal expression through the staircase design.

3. Single-Flight Open Staircase

Single-flight open staircases, reminiscent of loft ladders, offer a space-efficient and visually light solution for traversing vertical distances within tight spaces. These staircases are designed to optimize space and be practical in constrained surroundings.

Advantages & Features

The key advantage of a single-flight open staircase is its space-efficient design. By eliminating the need for bulky structures and enclosing walls, these staircases create an open and airy atmosphere, allowing for seamless integration within small spaces. Also, the graceful curvature of a spiral staircase brings visual interest and elegance to any interior.

Examples & Inspirations

One inspiring example of a single-flight open staircase is the loft ladder-like design. This staircase embraces the simplicity and efficiency of loft stairs, providing a practical means of vertical traversal in cramped spaces. With its space-saving characteristics and lightweight appearance, this design offers a stylish solution for connecting two floors within a constrained environment.

To enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, you can opt for hardwood flooring in Mississauga that complements the staircase design, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

4. Hanging Staircase

Hanging staircases offer a unique space-saving solution for vertical movement in compact areas. Characterized by their suspended design supported by sturdy metal frames, these staircases maximize floor space while adding a touch of modernity.

Advantages & Features

Hanging staircases excel in small spaces by occupying minimal floor space while providing stability through sturdy metal frames. Their absence of traditional supports enhances the surrounding space’s visual appeal, creating an open and airy ambience.

Examples & Inspirations

Imagine a sleek, minimalist hanging staircase with white steps suspended by elegant metal frames. This design seamlessly blends into contemporary interiors, exuding lightness and sophistication. For an industrial or eclectic look, consider combining contrasting materials like wood and metal; this also adds character and warmth.

5. Swirling Staircase

Swirling staircases offer a unique and visually captivating design that not only saves space but adds a sculptural element to a closely-packed living area. With swirling staircases available in reputable flooring stores in Mississauga, you can find the perfect design to add a sculptural element and optimize space.

Advantages & Features

Aesthetically pleasing, swirling staircases are renowned for their ability to conserve space while making a bold style statement in your home decor. The distinctive spiral design not only serves its functional purpose but adds architectural artistry to the space. When thoughtfully created with a unique colour scheme, swirling staircases elevate the level of gravitas and appeal in the entire area.

Examples & Inspirations

For a more dramatic and luxurious look, consider a swirling staircase with marble treads and intricate wrought iron detailing. This opulent design adds a touch of grandeur to any interior, making a striking statement piece.

Another inspiring option is a swirling staircase with floating wooden treads and stainless steel cables. This contemporary design blends organic and industrial elements, resulting in a unique and visually captivating staircase.


When it comes to small duplexes and compact homes, space-saving staircase designs maximize every square foot. With these innovative designs, even the most confined spaces can have an elegant and functional staircase. They demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity of architectural solutions, proving that even in small spaces, functionality and style can coexist. So, visit our reputable carpet and hardwood flooring store in Mississauga and choose the staircase design that best suits your space requirements.

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