5 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid


Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an excellent way to style your home. They enhance the look of your decor and give a warm feel to your feet. Carpets are absorbent in nature, which makes them vulnerable to spills and stains. Cleaning carpets are very difficult if the wrong techniques are used. Using the wrong tools or methods can cause severe damage to your new carpet.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid while cleaning your carpets.

Delay in Cleaning Spills

This is the common mistake committed by many. If spills are left for a long time, they are absorbed deep into the fibres. Therefore, it is essential to clean spills at once before it becomes a dry stain.

Using the Wrong Cleaner

There are different types of cleaning products available in the market. You should always read the label carefully before using it on your carpet. The chemicals present in these cleaners can damage your carpet further if the wrong one is used. Thus, it is recommended to do a test on a small area before using it on the rest of the carpet.

Cleaning Carpets with the Same Cloth

Using a single cloth for removing carpet stains is not a good idea. Use a designated cloth for applying stain remover, another for removing the residue of stains and another for mopping up.

Also, be sure to avoid over cleaning your carpets as doing so can weaken your their fibres.

Experimenting with DIY Methods

The Internet is a great tool when it comes to searching for different do-it-yourself methods to maintain your home. However, given the cost of getting carpets installed and their sensitivity, trying a DIY carpet cleaning technique can be very harmful to it. It’s better to stick to using a professional service in this case and they would have the experience and know-how to clean your carpet efficiently and safely.

Cleaning Spills with Water

The moment we notice a stain on the carpet, often in a panic, we pour water on it. Rinsing the carpet may seem an immediate solution for you, but this is a very bad idea. Rubbing stains with water will not only spread the spill further but also leads to discolouration of the carpet fibres. It is always better to sprinkle water on the stained area. Dab it with a soft cloth until all dirt, stains and cleaner residue are removed.

When using various cleaners, remember to apply gently onto your carpet. Always test a cleaner on a small spot prior to using it on the rest of the carpet, and if possible, hire a professional cleaner. If your carpet is already damaged, don’t hesitate to consult expert carpet retailers in your city today!

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