How to Decorate Your Living
Space With Area Rugs (10 Tips)


Your living room is your household’s hub. It’s where you unwind after a long day, enjoy a family movie night, and help your kids with homework.

Since it serves so many purposes, it’s important to add a little ‘oomph’ to the space by furnishing it with accessories that reflect your personality. Accessories like area rugs.

Here are 10 simple tips to refresh your living space with area rugs.

10 Living Room Decor Tricks Using Area Rugs

Using area rugs creatively can transform how your living room looks and feels. Here are some innovative ways to use them to enhance your living space.

1.Create a Coastal Vibe with Colour Play

Create a Coastal Vibe with Colour Play
Want beach-inspired decor for your living room? It’s easy to do it with area rugs. For example,you can create a coastal vibe by choosing a moss green rug with sunny yellow and light neutral shades of sea green. You may also consider adding aqua blue curtains and throw pillows for that extra beach vibe.

2.Mix Patterned and Solid Designs

Mix Patterned and Solid Designs
Make a daring style statement by combining patterned and solid rugs of a similar colour palette. Finding patterns that coordinate well with your overall home decor can take effort, so go for a geometric design if you’re pressed for time. They complement any style so are a universal choice for open floor planning.

3.Choose Different Colours (But the Same Pattern Scheme)

Choose Different Colours
Choose rugs with similar patterns and designs but different colours. This way you can subtly use two different rugs together on the same floor. Just make sure the base colours are complementary.
Create a visual echo by contrasting your area rugs with the room’s furniture, cushions, and accessories. You can get these kinds of rugs custom made.

4.Use Rugs on a Settee

Use Rugs on a Settee
Want to update your living room seating instantly? Simply drape a flat weave rug over a chair, sofa or settee and tuck it gently into the seam. The result will look entirely unique and fresh. (Tip: leave about a foot hanging over the back, as the weight helps keep it in place.) Create a bohemian look with a pile of throw pillows and bolsters in vibrant hues.

5.Hang Rugs on the Wall

Hang Rugs on the Wall
Many area rugs feature vibrant colours and intricate, hand-woven designs, which make them true pieces of art. So, why not display them on your walls? Rugs with a defined border, warm tones and recurrent patterns (like stripes and chevrons), add a stunning graphic touch to your living space. They not only serve as a decorative element but are great for spaces where you need help absorbing sound from adjoining rooms.

6.Play Around with Layers

In some larger apartments or contemporary-style homes, living rooms are attached to dining rooms. This creates a sense of space and comfort.
Combining these spaces while retaining the identity of each is a challenge for both homeowners and interior designers. Angling and layering a duplicate rug on top of another is a great idea for open plan spaces. You can either choose two contrasting colour rugs or two rugs of the same colour and pattern. This layered effect creates a greater impact on your home interiors than a single oversized rug.

7.Use Classic White Rugs

Use Classic White Rugs
Simple, classy and modern, white rugs can bring a feeling of calmness to your space. A plain white textured rug can match any room’s decor, without pulling focus away from your furniture or wall designs. Though anything white is difficult to keep that way, nothing else works better with the minimalism currently in vogue in interior design.

8.Choose Tribal Imprints

If you want to add a colourful contrast to your floor then a tribal imprinted rug may interest you. Contemporary, affordable and trendy, these rugs are a great addition to any modern living space. The geometric patterns against solid backgrounds complement any interior, match much existing furniture, while giving your living space a fresh look.

9.Focus on Dark Corners

Focus on Dark Corners
Dark corners need more texture due to a lack of light and attention. Putting in a rug instantly creates essential texture to prevent them from looking flat and boring. It also helps to visually lift a darker design scheme.

10.Add Fun with Pops of Colour

If you’re planning a boho look for your living space but aren’t ready for bright colours, a vibrant rug might be all you need. Since bright colours are easier on the eye when they’re on the floor, investing in a colourful area rug is a great idea. Choose a solid fuchsia or royal blue area rug to infuse your living room with some life and coziness. You can also up the room’s style quotient by layering two differently coloured rugs.
An area rug is a unique yet understated decorative element. It anchors a room by pulling together all of the elements of your decor so it doesn’t look like it’s just been plopped into the space. If you’re wondering how to give your living room a brand new look on a budget, consider these simple tips.

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